What to do in... Hastings (and nearby Kent/Sussex coast)

I always enjoy reading these threads, even if I’m not intending on going to any of the places mentioned, so I’m hoping people can help me out in my own moment of need for recommendations.

I’m going away for a weekend with the TV to Hastings for their birthday as they wanted to go somewhere coastal - it’s our first proper weekend away together and I just want it to be a really memorable time. There’s thought about a morning walk on the beach on the day of their birthday, driving over to Drusillas Park and maybe going over to Dungeness, but nothing’s set in stone yet.

I’m just looking for…

  • A really nice restaurant for a meal on the evening of their birthday (ideally in Hastings so we’re not having to drive backwards and forwards to get changed and go back out)
  • Any recommendations for things to do over a weekend that are ideal for a birthday weekend together. I’ll have the car with me so I can drive to most places if need be

I’m in north-east Kent so I don’t really go out to the coast too often, and I have ideas in my head for places in Brighton, but I’ve only been there for gigs and work so I’m not too clued up on there either.

Kent or Sussex people, help me out please!

If you’re up for driving, Camber’s nice (accompanied by a lunch stop in Rye). Dungeness is cool, but it’s not what I’d call romantic, unless you share a love of bleakness. If you do go, make sure you seek out the sound mirrors though. The good stuff in Hastings is mostly in the old town, but I’m not up to speed with what’s good right now.

Also, Drusillas is quite a way from Hastings, and have you seen the prices? It’s cheaper to visit Legoland!


Fight an invading army


I’ll make sure to take out some insurance in advance

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0800 00 1066

Give that a call if insurance is needed.


Make sure you have a walk around the old town in Hastings there’s really nice pubs and restaurants along there aswell

Its so wild to me that these are good places to go/live these days.

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It was a decision made at pretty short notice tbf. Plus I’m useless at knowing where to go, having been single for an awfully long time and not often bothering to go away with anyone.

Oh, that was genuine. Like they’re nice places now, it wasn’t a “can’t believe people think they’re nice” it was a “can’t believe that they’re actually nice”

They used to be such bleak shitholes when I was a kid.

Apologies! I read it as the former rather than the latter. My bad!

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Like Frome round here. Probably a thread in it tbh.

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Make a reference to Line of Duty

Loved that place, growing up.

Idk, Bodium castle is out that way, isn’t it? You could take a photo of it and everything.

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I don’t know Hastings well enough for restaurants but day out options - there’s an observatory at Herstmonceux and a castle at Bodiam if that’s your kind of thing. there are caves and a funicular in Hastings itself and some fairground rides on the seafront that are quite good fun.

(@avery sniped me with Bodiam :’( )

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just realised i went on school trips to Hastings, Herstmonceux and Bodiam.

we went to Herstmonceux for some kind of rare solar eclipse and i missed it because i had no friends and was hiding. they got some of our year group on a BBC News piece about it and i was really bummed out because i was like ‘oh shit i could’ve been on tv’


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Half hour drive out - go get some pizza and chilled red wine here

It is excellent


I haven’t really eaten out in Hastings itself
Half man half burger is pretty good!

The crown pub in Hastings is good, don’t know about the food though

Lots of nice things that do in the old town

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Actually, Hastings is probably almost as close to Port Lympne Reserve, which might have more animals that Drusillas, I’m not sure. Bo idea about vost as I’ve only been because Hevy Fest tickets gave us free entry back in 2015.

I absolutely love Dungeness, would definitely recommend going there. Maybe chuck in a visit to Camber Sands on the way for a more traditional beach experience.

I once walked from Hastings to Rye, it took all day but was great, you go via Pett Level and Winchelsea, both of which are super nice, and Rye itself is a great place to end up for fish and chips and pubs. All worth visiting in the car too.

If you like a nice garden you’re not too far from Great Dixter, which is one of the best gardens in the country, I’m going there for my birthday next week.

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The burger place might br a bit casual but tillingham
Is ace!

The De La Warr pavillion in Bexhill is worth a visit

If you’re making a journey to Dungeness, then a round trip on the railway is another idea. It takes about 2 hours:

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