What to do in.. London!


Looking for 2 things:

1)somewhere nice to have a lunch, maybe a posh place that does a good price set menu?
2) staying in Lambeth so what’s good there in the evening, or further afield but easy to get back to.

(will be a one night job at the end of October, a Friday night if that makes any difference)



go down the west end.


What area of town are you wanting to have lunch in?

Also, Lambeth stretches from the South Bank down beyond Brixton - any chance you could narrow it down at all?


Train to Glasgow?


Is the ABBA musical still on?




This place is posh but not overly extortionate for lunch and the food is bloody excellent. Near Waterloo.


If you’re in Lambeth then I would suggest Brixton in the evening but as Marckee said it depends where you are.


Oops sorry - its near war museum I think.

I mean Lambeth north tube don’t I?


Dalston/Hackney Central is ok on Fridays. Maybe a gig is on at The Shacklewell Arms. If you’re hanging around for the Saturday after the Friday there’s Mirrors Festival on that day; a multi venue thing around Hackney Central. Usually it’s very good.


It’s great in there, but you can’t book which always annoys me. Can’t ever bank on it not being too busy.


Pretty much anywhere, doesn’t really matter. Probs not like Enfield or something though


If you want a set menu at an affordable price but somewhere that looks nice and posh, I’d recomemend Braserie Zedel near Piccadilly Circus.


The new Nobu Shoreditch does a set “bento box” lunch that is amazing and (relative) good value for money.


If you want food just go to Soho. Anything you like, and usually decent.


'Avva knees-ahp!


You could see what’s on at The Old Vic, that’s round the corner. Loads of places to eat around there too, kinda street-foody if that’s your thing.

Or head on a 59 or 159 down towards Brixton. Stop off at the Crown & Anchor for a fancy beer or two then there’s an Indian restaurant right opposite which is meant to be pretty good. Cable cafe up near Oval sometimes has a bit of live and smooth, smooth jazz.
Or stop at Brixton itself, eat at Nanban on Coldharbour Lane, have a few beers somewhere then head up to The Windmill for a few new and exciting rock and roll bands (for about £3).


:upside_down_face: ha should probably have specified - not French please!


only fools and horses closing credits drum roll


Amazed no one has suggested garfunkles yet


Aberdeen Angus Steak House > M&M World > Garfunkels > Spearmint Rhino