What to do in Sunderland

I’m there next weekend for the Great North Run and need to fill out Saturday with something that the thinly veiled would like. I was thinking Winter Gardens…is there anything else worth going to/seeing?



Get the metro to Newcastle


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Assuming that you don’t have a car, then the Glass Centre is worth an hour or two. PopRecs is very good as well:

Newcastle> M&M World > China White’s > Spearmint Rhino > Stringfellow’s > Newcastle

No car, staying right in the middle.

Might just go to Newcastle

OXO tower

Eat some chicken dippers and wash them down with a blue drink.


Actually, I can’t work out whether PopRecs is actually still there, or runs as more of a pop-up these days.

I’m sure google will have the answers.

I think this is the latest address:

You must try the cheesy chips

Milks off!

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Heard theres a fantastic travel service where you can quickly and conveniently go to Newcastle instead

Go to Hull

Ok…so what should I do in Newcastle this saturday, other than eat curry in Bigg Market…?

Get the Metro to Sunderland


Get on the train to Edinburgh, then quickly get on another train to Glasgow.


By the way, good luck with the north run