What to do in... Tuscany

Also my favourite thing in Florence for the ridiculous grotto.


The American Cinque Terre thing is so weird - have regularly met US tourists seemingly doing Italy in 3 days: 1 day in Rome, 1 in Florence, 1 in Cinque Terre.

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Hopefully they’re playing outside because I’d hate for Kasabian to damage any medieval buildings.

Turns out it wasn’t an earthquake at all, just a Kasabian gig

Yeah it’s really weird. I guess someone recommended it way back in the past, and now it’s the Place You Must Go.

Remember seeing a whole coach party of rich older ladies from somewhere in the Deep South in Sorrento in Campagnia. They were all dressed up to the nines in Chanel suits and the like, but someone had clearly told them they needed special walking shoes, so they were all wearing giant white puffy trainers too.

Are they gonna sue some scientists for not accurately predicting Kasabian’s arrival too?

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ha ha. Maybe they’d called in at one of those designer outlet warehouse places but kept their trainers on for the walking.

American tourists are always comedically badly dressed, all cargo shorts, huge white trainers, baseball caps and cheap t-shirts.

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Practically spitting on the idea of la bella figura.

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Most has been covered. If you’re confident I’d say a car is definitely preferable with the freedom it affords, but obviously finding parking in some places is ballache.

+1 to don’t bother with Pisa / if you’re over that way you can do the tower in a morning and then get the fuck out.

I stayed in a beautiful converted castle/vineyard near Gaiole called Castello Di Tornano, but there was Castello Di Ama and Castello Di Meleto which were both bigger and nice to get a look around (Meleto especially) should you decide to venture a little in to the Chianti region. Beautiful, breathtaking scenery in the area as well, kept pulling over to just stop and enjoy the views.


If you don’t have wide/big feet, Italy is a great place to buy shoes.

Wow, way to rub it in.

How about “If you are not a big strapping, impressive man who wows everyone with the might of his feet, Italy is a good place to buy shoes”.

Are you happy now?

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Aye go see the mighty Dulwich!

Much better for my fragile male ego, thanks