What to do with a large collection of old football magazines?

I’ve just been sorting a couple of boxes out from our loft. I have every issue of Match magazine from around 1991 to 1995. In generally good condition without being pristine.

Can’t be arsed to sell them individually. Do you think there’s much market for someone buying a job lot? Have any of you got similar collections? Should I just bin them?

(I have a few assorted football programmes and a couple of seasons’ worth of 90 Minutes magazine. But they’re not in such good condition).

I’d genuinely buy them if you’re willing to sell them

Reckon you’ve got the one with the ad I sent in for David May Motors Ivybridge.

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Any idea what date?

I’d be up for selling. I need to have a scoot through to make sure I’m advertising correctly!

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No idea, 93/94ish probably.

Anything from 1992 onwards I’d be keen to look at, so if it’s something you’re happy to do then let me know how much you’d want - thanks!