What to do with...creamed corn?

Alright ladz.

Picked up a tin of creamed corn on a whim when shopping the other day. Not got a clue what to do with it or what to have it with. Do people eat it by itself or as an accompaniment to something else? No idea.

Chat, suggestions and ridicule are all welcome in this thread.

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misread this as creamed.com


Answers to What to do with creamed.com? also accepted.


That’s so impersonal! I’m after the human touch - I just know this site is bursting with creamed corn anecdotes.

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That’s fair, it’s just that I had no idea and when I tried to google it at first I just kept finding creamed corn recipes. I added the with and put it in quotations and it came up with some meaningful results so I thought I’d share.

I’m sorry tts. I was trying to help, but I let you down.

I actually once used this exact image as my Facebook profile picture during a period when I was trying to be ‘off-grid’.

Plant it and then you will have a creamed corn tree forever


Ah, no worries! I’ve had a proper look now - good looking dishes there. They all look quite high-effort as a means of using up creamed corn though. Thanks anyway!

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Innit, same. That pudding looks…suspicious. I’ve got concerns about a dish that uses the same ingredient twice in two different forms - regular corn and creamed corn.
I’ll bookmark it though.

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Corn chowder

Go for it!

Oi, now that’s a shout. I’ve onlt had chowder once but it’s bangin.

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Wow! Great CCC (creamed corn content)

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