What to do with random days off work

I’ve got to use up my “allocated leave” before Christmas arrives so I’m off work this coming Monday-Wednesday. My other half also has next week off for the same reason. We live in north London.

I want some interesting suggestions of things we can do on our days off. Things that we might not consider or think of ourselves.


get the train to Sunderland, and on arriving, get another train to Newcastle



The Natural History Museum does this behind the scenes tour where you get to see the workshops where they pickle things in giant tanks of formaldehyde. They’ve got a giant squid out there https://www.buzzfeed.com/hayleycampbell/squid-sexing?utm_term=.kcE8q4ddv2#.cipMbdggoV. They’d love to have it out front in the museum but there’s nowhere to put it.

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This opens at the weekend:

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Use it to do stuff you can’t do normally cos you’re at work; like, visit restaurants that are otherwise busy (or take advantage of lunchtime deals), go to empty or cheaper cinema showings…

I would probably go for multiple bike rides or do some track cycling sessions at Lee Valley or Herne Hill. Go out for a big breakfast every day.

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Wank yourself into a coma. And have a takeaway pizza for lunch.


London train goes to Newcastle. Does that work?


I sometimes just walk aimlessly around if I’ve got a day to myself (sounds more boring than it is). Just head off in a direction you don’t normally go, walk down streets you’ve never been down, etc.



There’s a nuclear bunker you can visit just outside Brentwood.

Oh, sorry. This only applies when you’re off on your own.

That looks good. Sounds like there’s some good stuff to the east of that now too - all the breweries and whatnot. I’d round off the day with that.

Also in north London, the Parkland Walk is good and takes in a couple of decent pubs.

Regularly take a day off to mooch about in London with my Mrs while our son is at nursery. Love it.

start working on a new prog-metal opus

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I would also suggest going to museums and stuff, but I think it’s half term next week, so don’t do that.

I second @plasticniki’s suggestion for daytime restaurant bookings - you can get cheap deals, tables in busy places, and also go to places that are only open in limited hours. (eg we went to Rochelle Canteen when we had a day off)

Cheap day tickets for the theatre are also a good shout.

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I can see the Parkland Walk from my living room window so I think I can give that a miss, to be fair.

Make a big to do list full of all the stuff you’ve been meaning to do for ages (write! record! tidy!) then spend the whole day playing Rocket League and eating crisps instead.


North London quite big, to be fair.

That’s kind of like every day off I’ve had before.

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I can travel to other parts of London too.

Yeah, there are breweries to the east and west side of the river all the way up there.