🍫 🌭 What treats would we have access to if....

We were further down the foodchain and kept as pets by, say, emus?

When you go in a petshop its like here’s the dog treats, and its a pigs ear or those weird nearly translucent beige shoes strung together with some suspicious edible string (for the 90s dogs anyway)

Oh good boy, you love this! But i bet if they got to decide they’d have curated better standardised dog treats.

So what’s in our humanshop that we like but wouldn’t chose given the chance?


Someone stop me making threads


If my dog could curate her own treat selection it would mostly be comprised of toilet roll and cuddly toys, so it’s probably a blessing that they can’t!

really want to know what the inspiration behind this thread was. did you eat pet food scout


That’s their version of smoking and drinking - maybe we need some dog off licenses where they can get their kicks health be damned

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Saw a sausage dog stamp his feet outside the dog shop on Tib St. Everyone took it as excitement for getting his treats again…but i saw frustration


Gum. But big, hardened gum so we’re not tempted to swallow it.

Oh I hope we get salt licks - but like margarita flavoured

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i’d snuffle crab apples

Little hoodie strings to chew and ruminate on


concerned that @Scout has inside intel about us being moved down the food chain soon


my dog likes brocolli, padron peppers, courgette (with mayo and cut in half)

basically he prefers anything he cam get off my plate to his own treats

from a bucket?

Get my dog treats that are dried fruit wrapped in bacon or chicken. Look pretty great tbh.

The big pet shop by us has a massive deli section with loads of different flavour sausages along with all the varied dried animal parts, so I’d hope the human pet shop would have a similarly well appointed deli counter.

I suppose pork scratchings, biltong, jerky and even crisps are basically pet treats for humans aren’t they?

How on earth did you discover this?

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gave him some of my food and he ate it

gave him just courgette and no
gave him just courgette with mayo…maybe
sliced it in half
ate it

he is just playing me though as he is a nob and in charge in this house

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Good thread

I’d be happy eating mashed potato every day I think if that’s what they wanted to give me


Our dog goes crazy for any food that’s orange: carrots, squashes, pumpkin, sweet potato, all of it, more than she does cheese or anything else more ‘normal’.

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To answer the actual question, I reckon they’d do stuff involving oats and so on, maybe sort of Victorian ‘treats’ or things from those 1960s everything-in-jellies cookboods