What tunes are getting you through lockdown then?

Let’s share the tunezzz making our days

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oh my gooooood Wendy Clear <3 I should do a proper blink182 session one of these days.

Also cracking out the ol’ xmas playlist for real this weekend, gonna be great.

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When they’re good they’re so good, I tend to write off Enema as being a bit over polished and produced but Wendy Clear is just such a banger and so relatable

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For reasons I can’t quite remember I start all of my WFH days by listening to this

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Changes every day but here are the songs I have played more than once today

I only ever seriously got into Enema and Pants & Jacket to be honest, and I love them to BITS. When you’re in that mood, nothing else will scratch that itch.

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This kind of thing really


Hi, I’m CCB and I’m a Leo

I’ve been listening to this at least once a day for the past month

the incidental music from will and grace from the tv downstairs

Other things getting a lot of plays

Had this stuck in my head today. It makes a solid argument.

None at all…been watching phoebe bridgers on youtube and crying a lot if that counts

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Oh and the cover of lorde off the perfume advert that i can’t get out of my head and the snoop just eat jingle that i’ve woken up singing twice in the last week

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Legitimately just rinsing Strawberry Fields Forever ATM

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Would def give some of their earlier stuff a go, it’s less polished but some real tunes (Strings is lovely, Wasting Time is one of my absolute faves, Pathetic is fun)

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Had West end girls stuck in my head during my run today. Posting to check how much I like it

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:frowning: xxx

Love that MC Yalla tune, took me ages (ie I eventually Googled) to find out what language it was in


Far out of my wheelhouse but have been rinsing this over the last week