What tunes are getting you through lockdown then?

Absolute banger. Confirmed

These tunes getting loads of plays this year, find them very soothing when the stress builds:

Then these when I need something a bit more propulsive:


Love that squarepusher tune

Is it a Swahili dialect?

Really, really on the nose but, found it strangely helpful all this year and I generally dislike stuff that is too on the nose.

Big fan of this since I first heard it

I thought I read that it was Luganda but I just checked and apparently she also does stuff in Swahili and another language I’ve never heard of (Luo). So now I once again have no idea. My initial guess was some form of Arabic because of the ‘Yallah’ bit of her name but it never sat quite right, which is why I checked.

Lotsa Alex Cameron lately

And Eyedress

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Mainly stuff like this playlist I made (think I shared it with @anon89873996). Good for a wallow

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Yeah I’ve no idea either, I know some other stuff on Nyege Nyege has been in Swahili variants but they speak three different sub-dialects in Kampala alone so I think you’d really need to know it well to correctly identify it.

A fellow Candy Flip fan!

Anything by Miley Cyrus - she has some right bangers

(Never thought I’d admit that)


Once again the lack of Ugandan representation on the boards is against us

ill take a piece of this thank you very much

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Been listening to this every day on the walk to work for some reason

Lots of Modern Lovers

And obviously

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Hope you enjoy

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im only on track 2 and completely on board already

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I’m think I’m back to the get angry stage again now, this is quite cathartic to listen to.

Yeah, it’s a goodun if I’m allowed to say so

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