What TV show are you currently watching?

We need one of these threads, right?

In the everlasting search for something to fill the GoT-shaped hole in my life, I am currently binge watching Vikings. Quite enjoying it too, mostly because the main actor kills it. Probably wouldn’t be all that great without him, tbh. Also, as a VIKING myself it’s fun to see how they deal with all the historical and mythical stuff.

What are YOU watching?

Gonna watch the new Better Things tonight

Not got a lot else on the go in all honesty Ruski, Apprentice is back soon I think.

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Strainers 3
Bojack 3
Cooach Trip 4*

*where I am at a couple of real geezers who are in a band are on. One looks just like a Top Shop Kasabian guy - Serge is it? I thought the were complete nobbers until they said the name of their band: Audit Control. Incredible!

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Started The Good Wife last night, but I don’t think I can be arsed with it.

Still haven’t finished Better Call Saul. Feels like I should be giving it my full focus when it’s on and I usually cba.

yep. got last episode of Narcos to watch. not too bothered by it, tbh.

found that Vikings a bit dull, if I’m gonna be honest. Lagertha though…woooooooh! lovely

Top Shop Kasabian guy


Hannibal. Watch!

*Better Than Things

Trying to find a better picture as this one is too new I think:

He was much more Kasabian before, even had a little scarf tied round his neck

I’ve picked up Community again. On season 3 now. I think I really like Dan Harmon but I just can’t fully get behind this.

most of the way through Stranger than Things, which I also am not fully behind. it’s mildly diverting but there’s nothing behind that. there’s not really anything to it except cliches and stock characters and situations.

also been watching some Comedy Bang Bang! which I like a lot, even though it’s not always that funny.

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Anyone know if the BBC are planning a seconds series of that slightly crap I AM UTRED SON OF UTRED drama about vikings and Alfred the Great and shit?

I’m afraid I don’t, smee

did you see the first series you cunt?

I’m afraid I did not, smee

YES! http://www.radiotimes.com/news/2016-06-09/the-last-kingdom-series-two-will-be-co-produced-by-bbc2-and-netflix

Happy for you, smee.

started Friday Night Lights the other day

there’s too much religion

Bake off. Looking forward to Westworld.

I know everyone likes it but it looks proper gash and I don’t care if I’m wrong. Gilmore Girls too. Gash. Don’t care.

gilmore girls - every night before bed
drag race all stars 2 - on a friday night
x factor - on a sunday/monday night (almost completely zone, out though)
various shit reality shows

how to get away with murder is back next thursday. so excited.
think i’ll be watching the new american horror story (didn’t watch hotel beyond the second episode, although would like to revisit it)

will have to get around to bates motel, now rihanna is gonna be in it

stuff i stopped watching mid-series and need to finish:
last five episodes of veep s5
last series of bob’s burgers
last four episodes of jane the virgin
last series of luther

stuff i gave up on during the season before the current/last one, undecided if to go back and finish or not:
brooklyn nine nine