What TV show are you currently watching?



I love Community. I have not seen Series 4 as the quality drops apparently (I think the creator left). I might have to rewatch them all. The fact Donald Glover is in this, is a good musician and a 30 Rock writer makes me sick at how talented he is.


Yeah Dan Harmon wasnt involved in series 4 so some of the episodes don’t have that extra bite. Its still very watchable plus Harmon was brought back for series 5 and 6 which also have some classic episodes.

The cast works fantastically as an ensemble but Glover does really shine!


Anyone else watching No Offence? Pretty much the best thing going at the moment.


alan partridge


I’m on Black Mirror now, seen three episodes so far tonight. Pretty cool, I knew absolutely nothing about it beforehand which I think was good!


I’ve had a few recommendations about this. Looking forward to starting it.


the expanse is back on

is good. the spaceships don’t have shields so when they get hit by enemy fire there are big holes in the side of them/they explode, big fan of that.

the 100 is back on

is bad. YA sexy post apocalypse. all the names are alliterative, absolute shite tbf.


Dexter 4 to 5


Oh man! YESSSSS! Gonna save up a few and then binge watch.

What was the DiS consensus on West World? I’m about 5 in. I’m enjoying it so far. It feels like it’s on a knife edge though, like all the foreshadowy stuff could be a bit frustrating. I’m enjoying the trip so far though.


started watching this david duchovny thing about charles manson. gonna be real bad isn’t it.


watched first ep of baskets s2 as well, was good. glad they changed it up a bit but needs way more insurance girl


Spoiler alert - You’ll enjoy episode three then


The Expanse is so good. I didn’t think that much of it when it first came on, having recently read the first book, but loved it when I re-watched on Netflix a few weeks ago. I suppose my memories of the book had faded and it looked better on a TV.


Just started FORTITUDE series 2.

Seems ok.


remember how brilliant this was, lads?


Started watching A Series of Unfortunate Events with the TV.

Read all the books when I was a kid and it retains the wit and charm of those as well as some cracking design. The whole thing looks great and they’ve pulled off the ‘Lemony Snicket’ role really well. Found it laugh out loud hilarious at points which I wasn’t expecting to.


Recently finished Rick & Morty and am now anxiously awaiting season 3. One of the most intelligent shows I’ve seen (that I can remember) but, more importantly, crushingly funny throughout.
Heavily recommend it.


Think once Atlanta is done I’ve run out of things I want to watch.


How many episodes of Atlanta have you got left to watch?


Six or so, I think?