What TV show are you currently watching?



There were, I think ten episodes in the season… You enjoying it?


Sounds about right then.

I’m not loving it, but it’s decent. It helps that Donald Glover is very watchable.


Yeah Glover gives quite an effortless performance and there wasn’t really a bad episode either. Episode six and ten were probably my favourites.

If you’re looking something to watch after, maybe give Baskets a try?




excuse if mixed up but aren’t you a power nerd? if so maybe watch the expanse. it’s dead good.


Definitely a nerd, dunno about power :smiley:

Thanks, I’ll check it out.


TV picked the TV yesterday night and we watched the first three episodes of Crashing - the other show from the lady that made Fleabag. Alternates between being sort of lightly funny and genuinely moving in parts to being unwatchable in others. The lead character Lulu is just such an insufferable dingbat. I’m unsure whether I’m supposed to hate her, but I do with quite some vitriol.


Watching Santa Clarita Diet and I am laughing a great deal. Reckon @zxcvbnm will enjoy this, if he’s not too tight to have Netflix.


Just started on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Absolute dickheads doing dickhead things: love it. Also enjoy how it crashes through ‘heavy’ issues with the style and grace of a… dickhead.


I think I watched one ep of that and wasn’t really sure. I don’t get much TV watching time and shows with huge episodes are a bit daunting.


Watched the first half of the pilot on Sunday and thought it was absolute shite, was that fairly representative?


That you’re wrong? Yeah I think so.


I would say the first episode is definitely the weakest. I really enjoyed the 2nd and think it’s been stronger as it goes.


It felt like a bad SNL sketch that had got out of hand


How is everyone watching Baskets? Is everyone being naughty or is there a legit way to do it?

No judgement, but my laptop is slow and rubbish making that kind of activity too much effort for me


Twenty-odd minute episodes meight - typical US sitcom length.


Almost finished House of Cards season two. It’s an odd show, there are things about it I really like but it certainly makes a few missteps. No one flaw big enough to derail the show, but some storylines are oddly paced and there’s a few moments that are really goofy. Would have liked more Claire in this season but I’m told there’s more of her in the third. Certainly going to stick with it.

It’s better than The Walking Dead, I’ll give it that. And I hope we’re all looking forward to Rick and the gang’s return this weekend! I’m definitely not but I’m still resigned to watching it.


There are like 15 seasons of 500 episodes each, though.


Well I dunno. I don’t recall ever laughing at SNL stuff I’ve seen so in my view it’s definitely far better but yeah, episode 1 is too concerned with setting things up rather than going with a story, so it is clunkier.


Third Season is the worst, unfortunately. They really fail to move the story along at all. Season 4 was much better, though.


Still trying to finish Gilmore Girls nearly half a year after we started it. Finally on season 7 but the quality has dropped and I hate all the characters now apart from Lane and the guy from Skid Row in Lane’s band. Gonna have to take a good long break before watching the new episodes