What TV show are you currently watching?



watched that paparazzi bloke last night, was genuinely amusing the thought he puts into blagging and setting up photos. Can see why celebs get a bit irked, but some of them just seem so stupid it's incredible.


Just started catching up with the latest season of Agents of SHIELD tonight. I can't help it, I just really love this show despite its flaws and all <3


ya, being naughty :blush:


Still haven't been able to face trying this Season.


Bunheads. It's good but it's not Gilmore Girls.


We're getting started on season 5 of Elementary. Love how Holmes and Watson are depicted, plus the TV and I have formally agreed that Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu are now formally on our respective 'lists'.


Just finished watching The Good Place, which started well, dipped slightly in the middle, but then paid off in spades at the end of the season.

Back to rewatching Community (season 3)


The Magicians
Special Forces - Ultimate Hell Week
The Big Painting Challenge
Son of Zorn
and re-watching The West Wing along with the WWWeekly podcast


Is there a thread in this do you reckon or will it be a bit #problematic? I guess it'll just turn into a pretty reductive 'he/she is well peng' thread.


Pondered this myself, bud. It's undoubtedly an objectifying exercise, but we also shouldn't be afraid to discuss sexuality and desire. I suppose that it might make LL or JLM uncomfortable if they were to read the ensuing thread? Or maybe they would get a kick from it?

Me? I would contribute my list and I'd google everyone I hadn't heard of (irrespective of gender) on others' lists.

In short, I don't know.


I didn't even stop to think about if Lucy Liu or Jonny Lee Miller somehow read the thread, what a monster.

Maybe the thread title should be 'Do you and your significant other have a list of famous people you're allowed to bang?' and then if people decide to list who they are then that isn't the fault of the thread maker.


Just finished:
The OA
Veep s05

Just starting:

Need more things to watch.


I think this would work. I will spoiler my entries - that way it's an opt-in on potential uncomfortableness for Lucy Liu, Emma Stone, Keri Russell et. al


I'm typing the title as we speak.


I wanted to hate this when it was first announced, but I really do enjoy it. I am up to 3 or 4, can't quite remember.


Yeah, it ought to be dreadful, but the two leads are just brilliant and the supporting cast are all endearing.


I am currently watching a late episode of this as my girlfriend's been watching it without me. It's properly fucking awful.


I'm absolutely loving this now. Cannot believe it got cancelled after one series.


Grace and Frankie (or something). I was suspicious as it seems a 'safe' sitcom from the outside, and it's kind of old fashioned, but it's really grown on me, and is very funny at points...and has some heart.

The premise is Jan Fonda and Lily Tomlin's husbands both come out as gay and hook up. Works better than it ought to. And Lily Tomlin is my new hero. I had noticed her a little bit, but when I googled her, found she is very liberal and campaigns a lot, very progressive. I like to think her character in this, and in Grandma are pretty close to herself. Could be wrong.


Started watching You Me and Her despite the on paper fairly salacious premise it really feels like a throwback to the days of late 90s slightly dull safe comedy dramas.