What TV show are you currently watching?



Just finished Narcos S02, top notch.
Have started Veep S03, will be racing through the rest of this pretty quickly was almost in tears laughing last night.
Just about to move onto S08 of Sunny, the last episode of S07 (The Gang’s Revenge) was one of my favourites so far.
Hoping to start Legion this week.


yeah he’s great

“I’m getting too old for this shit”


sucks air through teeth


how good is this honestly


Started Santa Clarita diet last night, Drew Barrymore and Raylan together like my best dream ever but with extra vomit. Loved it.


1 episode a week of season 4 of Black Sails is killing me. How did we manage to watch everything like this?


Really liked this. A lot funnier than I thought it’d be. Drew Barrymore is brilliant; Sheriff Bullock is mega.


Is this a spoiler for S2? Not started it yet. Fucking love The Expanse.


first episode of the high castle man. it’s alright.


yepp. pull yr finger out man.

this isn’t. not normally even that into set design but oh my is pretty.


Did anyone watch The Good Fight?


Yep, also enjoying the big painting challenge like you, very soothing TV that. Like the mentor idea…Makes it a bit more interesting.

Pottery throw down is watchable and all.


Turns out I started with the third season of Black Mirror a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve only now watched the very first episode of the first season. FUCKED UP.


Just finished Deutschland 83, excellent. Looking for more shows on that Cold War paranoia trip. Is The Americans any good?


The Americans is fantastic! It’s beautifully directed and has a stellar cast. Like Mad Men before it, the show really pays attention to the period details (set & costumes etc) and it always hits the nail on the head with the soundtrack choices.


(Finally) finished watching Luke Cage last night. I mostly enjoyed it though like the other Netflix Marvel’s series’ if they cut the series down to ten episodes there would be much less filler and they wouldn’t lose as much momentum building up to the finale’s…

Jessica Jones is still my favourite out of the four series so far, followed by the first season of Daredevil then Luke Cage with DD S2 being my least favourite of the batch.

Thinking of trying Halt and Catch Fire or Braindead next. Anyone watched either of these shows?


oh yeah I started watching that ages ago and just sort of forgot about it


Finally watching Westworld. 3 eps in and it would be a whole heap better if all the scenes with Anthony Hopkins were completely removed.


We get it, you hate Welsh people.


and Anthony Hopkins