What TV show are you currently watching?



Still the best famous Hopkins though


Aidan Moffat thing is on iplayer just now


Brain dead is dumb fun, well worth a watch.


Awesome, cheers!


Bit late but I watched the first two episodes of this last night. I wasn’t sure about a spin off at first but actually given what felt like an Alicia’s increasing ambivalence towards law in the last season of The Good Wife it kind of made sense.

Really enjoying it so far Lockhart is shrewd, intelligent but also perhaps slightly a more sympathetic antagonist than Alicia and it gives the show an overall different feel particularly when considering the moral ambiguities inherent in practicing law. Reddick, Boseman, & Kolstad feels far more fresh and interesting as a firm than Lockhart, Decker and whoever else was at that firm (how many named partners does a firm actually need).

Not sure about Rose Leslie so far she sounds a little bit robotic?


Started parenthood but it’s not doing much for me so far. Hoped it would fill the Gilmore girls/Bunheads void. But the episodes are just like double length modern family eps with less comedy.


just been watching King of the Hill, from the start.

I figure episode 7 of season 1 is the first great episode. I’ve never seen the earlier episodes before now, but episode 7 is the first one where I see everything that made it great.


i finally started watching Oz tonight


i don’t know if anyone else has been talking about it though


I really like oz but it’s dated so badly. worth giving a go but my view is if
you’re not into it, then don’t worry


oh god i ended up hate watching that show until i couldn’t take no more (stopped somewhere in the final season)

occasionally i throw on the belfast episodes for a laugh because they are so bad it’s great


i’m enjoying it so far. it has been on my to-watch list for years and years, especially since one of my favourite bands ever is named after a character (adebisi shank)

trying to work out where i’ve seen the various actors before is very distracting though!


I really enjoyed the first season and a bit. It seemed to go off a cliff though.

I just finished Westworld and I’m starting season 4 of Rectify tonight.


I’ve started season 3 of The Sopranos.

CGI Nancy Marchand’s head on some other actor’s body is something I never want to see again. the fuck.


Oh you have to watch to the end to see how ridiculous it can get!


It’s a bit rubbish but also quite enjoyable. The music and the set pieces are great and make it worth watching. Some of the acting and writing is a bit ropey.


We are watching 22.11.63 it is OK, I like the 60s cars and the conceit is interesting

Homeland is getting very annoying.


That scene bugs me to no end. So unnecessary.


Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch.


I think Belfast was when I bailed on that show. My god it’s a heap of shit