What TV show are you currently watching?



I adore The Americans - one of my favourites of all time. Really good level of tension and the relationships between all the characters are really interesting.


Think I might do my annual re-watch of Fargo 1 (and 2)


Just finished a thing on Netflix called The Break which was quite good, classic silly murder case made classier by being subtitled innit.


season 3 starts next month! will create a dedicated thread if no one else has.


Jah! Go for it cow^2


Has anyone watched Flesh & Bone on Netflix? It’s about a ballet dancer


Might be on Amazon actually


Anyone else watched The Crown on Netflix? I hate period dramas so wasn’t expecting to get anything out of it, but the Forrest Gump approach to history is mindlessly entertaining, and it keeps doing things like implying the Queen is going to give Phil a blozzer which feels a bit risqué. Also her secretary, the moustache dude, is a badass and I want to see him have a spin off.


With a bit of luck, I’ll begin Series 6 of Goodnight Sweetheart later on tonight.


AV Club did a little behind the scenes piece ahead of the season 5 premiere tonight (!)


yeah, it’s awful. I was aware she had passed away before that point, but I wasn’t sure exactly when, how much they had before she went.

it was so unheimlich - at first, I though it was odd that they were using the old “I wish the Lord would take me now” line. then I realised it was actually the very same take of the line.

it only dawned on me slowly that they had superimposed her head on someone else. it looked odd, unreal, but the thought was so unlikely that my mind wasn’t accepting it as a possibility until I realised there were no moments in that scene shot side-on, and I ruled out any other possibilities.

ruins the episode, really, but I suppose they weren’t prepared for the episode and had to work around her death. some good stuff in there - especially Tony watching the old James Cagney film - but it breaks the suspension of disbelief entirely knowing that the episode is a workaround.


i’m about five episodes in to this and couldn’t tell you any character’s name or what the plot is


I have watched two episodes. It is unlikely I will watch a third.


It slowly gets better, but I’m about two episodes from the end (I think) and I’ve stopped caring a bit.


It really rachets up. I was interested by not convinced by the first half of the series but it really builds towards the end. If you like the theme I’d definitely recommend continuing.

Also, the characters don’t need names, just archtypes:
Plotting diplomat
Dissolute cop
Idealistic waster
Loyal meathead
Smart techie


enjoyed it well enough for a couple of seasons but cba to finish the third. repeats itself a lot and the storyline with the daughter got really annoying.


Fair. I think the storyline with the daughter is great fwiw. Developed really nicely in series 4.


i maybe need to pay more attention. just kinda had it on while i’m playing on the internet and then when the episode ends i realise i’ve no idea what happened


started watching Death on the Staircase on BBC Iplayer

anyone else seen it?


S’good innit! How many episodes are you in?