What TV show are you currently watching?



if it’s the same ‘The Staircase’ i’m thinking of then yes, definitely. it’s great. up there with all the true crime greats.


How recently do you have to have watched a show for you to be still watching it?

I feel like I’m still psychically linked to shows I haven’t watched for half a year or more even though I’ll probably never watch another episode.


Finished Dexter goes a bit strange near the end but I suppose it was unlikely to have a straightforward ending. Still watching The Good Fight enjoying it quite a bit reminds me of when The Good Wife was still fresh and interesting.

Might start watching Santa Clarita Diet


I’ll never forget the name Michael Peterson.

Have you seen the new Killing for Love 6 parter they’ve put on the iPlayer? Watched the first episode last night, it was very odd. It’s a bit Foxy Knoxy but interesting enough.


oh the internet is some kind of game to you??



it’s weird how they do that eh

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Only the first ep! Just discovered it the other day but it seemed good, can see it being finished by the weekend


So no one else has seen/enjoyed The Good Place?


it would appear no one else is watching ‘The People vs O.J Simpson’. It’s really good, aside from the ‘cameos’ of the Kardashian family which is like a big wink to the audience that completely takes you out of it.


daria. always daria


It’s like a year old, isn’t it? I’m sure people here talked about it then.


woah that image came out big


I watched it!

Yes - that bit where Ross from friends is in the restaurant with his kids and goes “we’re Kardashians” is so odd

Rest of it is good - but CGJ was miscast as OJ I think.

Have you watched the documentary on the iPlayer? It’s amazing


I started the doc last night, got halfway through the first episode. Not sure I’ll finish it before it gets taken off…


It is crazy long - but it is worth it. I watched it when off work sick - maybe pull a sickie?


Only been put up on netflix now though, innit


Also watching ‘Yes, Minister’ which is up on youtube. Just bloody brilliant acting and writing the whole way through.


i talked about The OJ Thing all the time on olddis


Really enjoying Legion. It reminds me of those weird kids shows in the 90s like Eerie Indiana and Round the Twist. And Dan Stevens is so good in it I seriously thought about watching an episode of Downton Abbey.


burning through The Sopranos pretty quickly. just finished Season 3.

[spoiler]through this season, the characters were getting to me; I was finding it incredibly hard to sympathise, much like the way our viewer surrogate Melfi, her feelings crystallised in that minor outburst on at the phone at the end of one particular episode.

I felt on edge most episodes because of this barbed melodrama. ‘One Man Army’ really brought it all together, though - Jackie Jr. dying, Junior’s song, all that tension from the lies upon lies just broke.

it did me in, I did shed tears. the dominant theme as of the point I’m at seems to be the inexorable crumbling of everything Tony touches.

that’s the main draw of the show, for me, Tony’s vulnerability. when he’s aggressive, bullish, dishonest happy, whatever, that pushed me away. whenever he breaks down, I pour back in.

I just want them all to be honest with themselves and each other. I reckon I can appreciate the more toxic stuff for what it is when I watch it through again, but at this point, I needed that tension to snap one way or another.[/spoiler]