What TV show are you currently watching?



Finished Santa Clarita Diet s’alright fairly unsophisticated but enjoyable enough and there’s the odd laugh here and there.

Quite surprised at how gruesome it was at points.


From memory the first series of DA was pretty good. The second felt very rushed, like they were trying to get WW1 out of the way. Didn’t watch any further but was very surprised that I enjoyed it. Thought it was going to dreadful.


Well I do really like Gosford Park so maybe I’ll give it a whirl…


Begun Tokyo Trial on Netflix - a four part drama about the trials of Japanese political and military leaders held in 1946 after WW2 in Tokyo. Basically about the judges and the political in-fighting between them.

So much potential, yet the dialogue is absolute cock, the plot feels utterly disjointed and all over the place. And just before I fell asleep last night, what looks like a potential, and wholly unnecessary romantic moment between the Dutch judge and a German ex-pat.

I’ll persevere with it…out of sheer bloody mindedness and partial self-flagulation.


Anyone watching the new series of Love?


I have watched the first episode twice as I fell asleep during the first watch (no reflection on the programme).


Rewatching the thick of it. On the s2 specials which may be my favourite of the bunch. I really need to watch Veep.


on to Season 4 of The Sopranos. the final scenes in this season have been brilliant, even in ‘Christopher’.


I’m sure we will. I didn’t really like the first series much because I thought the guy was such a proto-MRA shitbag and the show seemed to want you to be on his side. My wife felt the opposite way and didn’t like her character but quite liked him, so basically it looks like we’re going to check it out despite either of us thinking the first series was THAT great.

Where’s the new House of Cards, FFS.


I tried to watch Revenge Body with Khloe Kardasian FOUR TIMES this week and fall asleep after about 2 minutes (some reflection on the programme)


She’s basically just Britta (from Community) tho but I quite like that.
This series seems to be a bit too…cheesy romantic? My boyfriend watched a few with me and did the whole stick fingers down throat thing.


Oh right, well we’ve got the final 100 mins of the OJ doc to watch and last night’s Girls first so we probably won’t start for a few nights yet.


Is the Aussie comic in it much? Claudia O’Doherty? Thanks to our varying views on the main characters she is the one we agree on liking.


I watched Girls this morning.
Kind of warmed to it when I usually despise it all the way through. I like how Marie has progressed into such a self-obsessed character.


Yeah shes in it a lot more and has a little story line all of her own
i love her


She seems to have done a bunch of things for C4 in a sort of Philomena Cunk style?


I watched the whole 2nd series over the weekend
Have you watched it all yet?


no i’m almost done tho, will probably finished tonight so will come back and blurr to you


ok cool, don’t want to spoil it by weighing in with the details too early


Oh that’s her from Love