What TV show are you currently watching?



First two eps so far!


Can’t remember if you’re a big fat geek but those also star Gemma Whelan from Game of Thrones


fortitude - ep 1 was dreadful but ep 2 was a lot better, thinking it’ll be watchable but will just be waiting for it to jump off a cliff tbh


Ha, I was but then I got into shape and stopped watching.

Btw yr earlier point on Love first series, I felt both of them are pretty terrible people but with a weird charm and the show was fairly balanced about that


The early episodes and specials are so great because there’s enough space to let everything sink in. Series 4 suffers from filling every episode with non stop chatter.

Have you seen Opposition Extra from the specials DVD?


[quote=“pinkybrain, post:607, topic:5628, full true”]I really need to watch Veep.

Yes, you do!


a kids show I know, but recently finished a series of unfortunate events, really enjoyed it, like how neil patrick harris just reused his barney characterisation for count olaf. now watching season 2 of love.


Edit to be clear the spoilers below are referring to S1 of ‘Love’ in case someone clicks them without realising.

Dunno, I don’t really remember too much detail now but

[spoiler]the difference really seemed to be that Mickey’s mistakes came from an entirely reasonable place - i.e. bad previous relationships and a lack of self esteem, while Gus just acted like an arsehole a lot. Magic is a deeply misogynist world at the best of times, but in general it felt like the show thought it was fine he’d made an effort to take her on a date without him seeming to have noticed he treated her badly, e.g. he was more concerned about watching the show than the fact she was freezing cold.

And subsequent to that he doesn’t really apologise and the show never seems to imply he should have. Afterwards he just chases some other woman and then gets angry when it blows up in his face.

I mean yeah, having a go at someone at their work is bad but, again, it seemed like he brought that on by going into a massive sulk and no communicating. But once more the tone of the show seems to be that Mickey is in the wrong and so at the end she seems to be apologising to him.

I mean this is the problem: the show is written by the main star and so it just feels like a shameless attempt by him to write a personally aggrandising plot, in my view.[/spoiler]


Baskets is still good btw everyone, not quite Season 1 levels of good but good nonetheless.

I would watch a feature length film of nothing but Christine shopping in Costco.


just watched the episode of The Sopranos S4 where Tony, ah… invests in a run-down area of Newark :frowning:

a distinctly Wire-esque feeling to parts of that episode. also, the assembly man… yer man from Show Me A Hero’s affordable housing crusade? hah, jesus. bleak.


yeah, that’s certainly possible, I guess we’ll see where we are going with it (S2 takes place immediately where S1 ends, so far anyway) but perhaps, giving him the benefit of the doubt, he’s not patronising his audience by letting them make up their mind/be aware he’s acting like a child? Like I do know what you mean totally but I feel one of the show’s strengths is that it’s fairly realistic in terms how people can act terribly to each other and still progress somehow. I guess we’ll see with this series in relation to the first.


I think i’ve had this discussion on here before but I really don’t think that show presents Gus as a sympathetic character, he is clearly in the wrong with the magic stuff, he puts his own interests in front of the girl he tutors, treats mickey badly with the whole heidi thing, I don’t think the audience is supposed to be rooting for him by the end of it, but granted that does not come across in the final episode. season 2 doesn’t pick up with it seeming like him forgiving her, they both acknowledge their flaws, think that is what the show is about


It’s just switched off rn


Also watched a couple of episodes of Helix. Quite enjoying it despite it clearly being terrible.


teaser for BCS S3 which starts in April…


sorry if it has been mentioned already but the Oscar winning O.J: Made in America is on iplayer for another week, cracked all three hours of parts 1&2 (part 1 on iplayer) last night and it’s pretty incredible so far



Absolutely agree with this. While most of TV is made up of characters we’re supposed to dislike but see a little of ourselves in, he just repeatedly acted like a dick, and did pretty well out of it.


some people do that in real life though?


Yep. I don’t like them either.


I decided to rewatch Buffy the other day. It’s making me feel really REALLY old :cry: