What TV show are you currently watching?



Do you like it when ugly guys write and Star in their own programmes and end up having threesomes and going with hot actresses etc? Please advise.


That's fine, but that's also the point of the show id say


-Hannibal S1 (rewatch)
-Girls S6
-Love S2
-Legion S1
-The Walking Dead S7


I really don't get that from watching it, they show his unpleasant side from the beginning and throughout the series, like the whole magic stuff I really find it difficult to think the audience is supposed to be on his side for that, and the heidi situation too, I don't think it is meant to be aspirational, britta coming back at the end isn't like a happy ending it is more of an unhealthy relapse because she has problems (though that particular episode is a bit weird and didnt seem to be what they were leading up to), I guess it depends on season 2 if they don't address the problems with his behaviour I think it would be fair to criticise it on those grounds


The news


Also has anyone seen the new episodes of The Americans yet? @AphexTwinkletoes?


No, but it will now feature very high up on my to-do list! Good?


I haven't watched them (plural already!!) yet either :open_mouth:

I'll @ you when they've been viewed without spoilers obvs


Legion S1 - loving every minute of it. Think I'm going to rewatch the whole thing when the first season's over.
Fargo S1 - had been meaning to watch this for ages, finally did because the showrunner is Noah Hawley, who also does Legion. It is of course great.
Star Trek TNG S2 - dipping in and out between other things. Starting to be more decent episodes than stinkers.


Freaks and Geeks (three eps in and can't really stand any of the characters. why is it so highly rated? does it improve?)
Knowing Me, Knowing You


It took me a few episodes to warm to the show too but it's definitely worth sticking with it. What don't you like about the characters?


Nah. It's very mediocre.


its an interesting discussion

Comparing Love to a show like Flaked (the Will Arnett show on Netflix)

Flaked is awful - the main character is a terrible person, but other characters are always telling us how "good" he is (he never seems to do anything to demonstrate this) and he spends the whole show sleeping with much younger women who find him ridiculously attaractive

I don't think Love does this - Gus is definitely displayed as someone who behaves terribly at times, and is constantly self sabotaging. I think you can root for them as a couple, and basically like them whilst also recognizing that they are both capable of being shitty to themselves and other people and can be pretty unpleasant at times


Lindsay's so weak and submissive trying so hard to be cool. i could empathise/sympathise up to a point because yeah everyone does that as a teenager but she's SUCH a doormat and it's just annoying to watch. also feels like a bit of a Mary Sue?
Daniel's a creep and makes my skin crawl
Kim's contrived back story might explain some stuff but she's still a dick
Sam's unbelievably square. like actually unbelievable. which makes him annoying

etc. six eps in now and i like Bill and sometimes Nick when he's not getting creepy with Lindsay, but that's p much it. idk i find the plot/dialogue so contrived and there's no real sass to offset it. perhaps just personal preference but i find it pretty dull (albeit not enough to stop me watching)


I liked Flaked much more than I should have I think. Arnett is definitely pretty shameless with the younger women sleeping with him. But I don't think you are meant to like him. I mean, initially the character seems like he's flawed but likeable, but by the end of the season, I think it's pretty clear he has no redeeming features whatsoever - and there's some intentional dramatic irony when another character says how good he is. I dunno, that's what I got from it, season 2 might make me change my mind.

Agree with you on Gus though. I mean look at that scene in the writer's room. no way he's meant to be aspirational.


I watched all 3 series of Man Seeking Woman in about a week.

I really liked it.

some of the wacky elements felt a bit forced, but sometimes they worked so well I didn't even really notice them.

Kind of wish the whole show was about Liz though - really like the episodes centred on her.


by the way, OJ Simpson TV fans, if you want a bit more you should really check out ESPN's original documentary on it, which shows the OJ car chase as it was happening on tv along side several other notable sporting events such as the opening of the USA 94 World Cup (might need a VPN Unblocker)



the 12 Monkeys remake is quite bad


I think it's a popular show due to the characters being depicted strike a note of familiarity with the audience and that we can see traits in say Lindsay, Sam or Nick etc that may remind of us people we went to school with. And they may not be always be likeable because heck did you get on with everyone that you were in sat classes day after day with? :smile:

Anyway I'm glad you that you at least like Bill, he was easily my favourite character too!

Is this because there usually has to be say a 'lesson learnt' by the end of each episode?