What TV show are you currently watching?




Can’t believe he’s written the new Spiderman film


Just finished Game of Thrones season five. It starts okay and the action scene at hardhome is mint, but it’s really rough going. The show’s problematic treatment of women has been extensively ocumentated already, but I think this season is particularly bad and has some deep, deep misogyny within its lazy writing. Glad the sixth season improved things a bit.


Finished OJ: Made in America last night and it is truly fascinating, been a while since I’ve seen such a gripping documentary (making a murderer comes to mind)


Has anyone watched Big Little Lies? The first episode is godawful but I love Laura Dern so feel oddly obliged to stick with it.


The new series of Samurai Jack is bloody brilliant, especially to look at. Absolutely gorgeous. Great storytelling, too.


Just watched the first episode of Santa Clarita Diet. It might be the worst thing I’ve ever seen.


Still watching Helix. It might be the worst syfy show yet.


University Challenge
victory sip


I finished it on Saturday

fucking hell its a bit crap innit? Like nothing really happened? I don’t even know why I watched series 2 when series 1 was also quite uneventful and depressing (not in an entertaining way).


I turned that off after about 5 mins in. Precisely when she vommed everywhere


I just thought Gus was completely socially awkward and that’s why he did everything he did.


Been watching loads of Bob’s Burgers out of sequence. It has that same warmth to it that I got from Parks & Rec. Kind of glad there’s just loads of episodes of it that I’ve not seen, so I can just record / watch it whenever it’s on and see something I’ve not seen before.

I’d started watching Love on Netflix too, but haven’t got past the first episode.

Also, having just remembered. I really recommend that This Country thing that’s on the iPlayer right now. My expectations were kind of low, because it seemed a bit derivative of other mockumentaries in a lot of ways; but it really surprised me by how funny it was, and how it resonates with that British small-town loneliness really well.


OK so I’m 14 eps in now and have warmed up to it somewhat. I still have the same issues with it - still can’t honestly say I like any of the characters apart from Bill (MAYBE Millie and Ken too?) even on a general level, and some of the dialogue/plot points are super forced/unbelievable (especially the thing with the jerk being vocal about being super jel of the geeks? no freakin way), but it’s watchable enough. although partly because there are fewer instances of “Oh! Hi, Cindy!” at the moment.

i guess it’s just lacking the bite of Mean Girls, Election, Easy A etc, or the quotability/likeability of Clueless.


What should I watch after I finish Freaks and Geeks?

  • Bojack Horseman
  • The Crown
  • Jessica Jones
  • The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events
  • Riverdale

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Love has completely charmed me. Done both series in the past week.


Series of unfortunate events is so good I started to read the books, I’m one of those adults who read kids books now no doubt frowned upon on dis


I don’t judge you xxx I used to love the books (although by the time the series had concluded, I’d stopped reading them as felt ~too old~) but thought the film with Jim Carrey was pretty crap.


i’m just finishing the fourth one which is where season 1 of the tv show stops, so I am looking forward to reading ones that I don’t already know the story for (though the show does seem to be building an extra strand not in the books). was surprised to find the author played accordion on the magnetic fields 69 love songs, so that gives it some indie cred


I did enjoy it but it did get pretty repetitive. The real villain is that banker.