What TV shows are you currently sitting through whilst your partner/flatmate/mum &dad watches them?


Hawaii 5-0
Modern Family
Family on BBC2 live through the olden days in a jolly way, quickly

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Gf put Not Going Out on the other night. I’m still angry.

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I like Lee Mack and liked the show I a lighthearted way. My fucking god though, the new series is ATROCIOUS. The kids are unbearable

Not doing too badly on this front at the minute given there’s no Gogglebox or Bake-Off or anything at the minute.

I basically wouldn’t have the telly on for 90% of the non-football stuff that ends up being on constantly however.

Ban request.

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Loads of old shite, can normally block it out but Brooklyn nine nine is particularly annoying atm

Cheeky chappy self aware northerner?! What’s not to love!!

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Literally everything you said.

Suck my dick

Is that a line from the show? Looks original enough.

My gf laughed out loud at the woman saying “you burp and fart so much I’m surprised they haven’t tried fracking you!” and I honest to god loved her a little bit less after that.

the dragon den

first hates

first hates 2: the hotelling

My flatmate is always watching Brooklyn Nine Nine. Absolutely hate it, such a bro sitcom. I would even go as far as saying I prefer hammy and unfunny Big Bang Theory.

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I’m way too indie for this shit obviously but what has happened? Is it supposed to have jumped forward in time to where they are married? Or did all that stuff happen in episodes that I (obviously) didn’t watch.

We end up watching a lot of Silent Witness and things of that ilk.

It’s generally mediocre. Last night it ripped off the film Buried.

used to work on it, not good

You are dead to me.

brooklyn nine-nine
rupaul’s drag race
bit of the The OA thing

all bad

We’re watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It’s getting steadily worse as it goes on, but the first series was surprisingly great.