What type of documents are you creating / working on all day?


Reading Epimer’s thread about saving document regularity, it made me wonder what type of documents people are working on? I don’t mean Word, Excel etc. but what the contents are (if you can share this!)

I’m working on an online catalogue of marketing brochures…not the brochures, but a web app giving the means to filter / search and save them off.



Letters about patents

Emails about patents

Occasional spreadsheets about patents


It’s a rich and varied experience


Catalogue records for a variety of documents we have in the library.

Also emails to people about their research requests.




Spreadsheets about housing issues for tenants, along with a few spreadsheets for our daily stats. Nothing more exciting than that.


Power BI

all the big lads


Funding model for studentships


Transcripts, all day every day


Blogs, marketing emails, advice guides, press releases. #content baby


Term sheets
Sale and purchase agreements
Disclosure letters
Shareholders’ agreements
Articles of association
Spreadsheets of share capital structures
Documents summarising key issues/negotiation points
Plain-English summaries of legal documents

Lots of different things, basically.


editing, tagging, uploading lots of stats from offline docs (PDFs/word docs) to a new CMS


Thats today specifically.

More generally, committe papers, reports, briefings, analyses, user guides, risk registers, website text, blah blah etc.

Oh and emails. Lots of emails.


pdfs - manuscripts
‘word’ documents - style guides, various notes I’ve made about the manuscripts in question


Requirements analysis
Lots of tender answers
Loads of meaningless data in spreadsheets


Please find attached my analyses. I hope you get everthing you want in life. I love you very much.


technical drawings of welded structures
reports of design calculations
photoshopped pictures of balloons


Exactly that.


.pbix, .xlsm, .xlsx, .sql


a pro tools session for commercials about

  1. a car valet company

  2. HMS Caroline