What type of documents are you creating / working on all day?

Reports, reviews and analysis of client’s usage of our products :sleeping:

Using a whirlwind of excel, powerpoint, Power BI, Salesforce and JIRA. :sleeping:


SQL, PBIX, R, Excel in relation to the use of medical devices

normal role mainly involves working on casebooks (Excel) for benefit investigations, and creating letters (Word)

current temporary role mainly involves checking the queues of incoming post that have been scanned on to the system and assigning it to the right employee’s ID - i have to keep a spreadsheet listing the reference of each mail item and the date it was received, for no fucking reason whatsoever (basically so they can see what work we’ve done even though no one ever checks)


Today I’m writing a proposal

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Here’s something I have just written;

The validity of data and lack of bias is dictated by the quality and consistency of the collection process. We will ensure this quality by providing competency assessments of our surveyors. We will then provide specialised training to, and observation of, our surveyors to ensure the highest level of accuracy and precision.

Funding initiatives & projects for human rights campaigns and communicating about human rights

Today at work I am writing a partnership agreement. It’s ok :woman_shrugging:

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Tonight I am going to start drafting a PhD proposal.

Mildly irksome. I suggested they digitise this stuff about 6 years ago.

It’s kind of dull in general …but one of the docunents I’m working on is to try and get a special project off the ground which, if it gets the green light, will be awesome & fun & may well keep me employed for the next 10, 15, 25 years

Big if though

Tech specs for various online Higher Education processes that I have designed and know for a fact I will be the only person to ever, ever read. They are incredibly dull and almost immediately out of date.

And I hadn’t even posted in it!

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News stories and features.

Here’s something I have just written;

Vi arbetar just nu för en känd manniskorättsförsvarare i Bahrain som heter Nabeel Rajab. Nabeel har sedan två år tillbaka suttit frihetsberövad - varav han spenderade de första nio månaderna i en isoleringscell, vilket såklart utgör tortyr.

Poor Nabeel

Giltigheten av data och brist på förspänning dikteras av insamlingsprocessens kvalitet och konsistens. Vi ska säkerställa denna kvalitet genom att tillhandahålla kompetensbedömningar från våra mätare. Vi kommer sedan att erbjuda specialutbildning till och observation av våra landmätare för att säkerställa högsta nivån på noggrannhet och precision.

Not bad


Don’t jinx him ffs

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