What type of lightbulb is this


What type of lightbulb is this

Not sure if this is a social topic but it definitely isn’t a music topic


how many people does it take to tell pinkbrain what light bulb this is


Here it is again


looks like a GU10


Might be a GZ10 too:



it’ll say on the side.



What side? It doesn’t say on any side



The white bit down near the pin ends.

Just take it down the Sainsbury’s with you and buy the same from the light bulb aisle


Like this one (bad picture):

Or this one (bad p… I have a bad phone alright):

Got thousands of the bastards chief. Dunno watt to do with 'em all


also i think they prefer to be halogen lamps these days


I don’t live near a sainsburys sorry


from the original picture I thought it had two protruding rods, thought it was a very strange bulb, only through later pictures I realised that was the edge of the fridge


Wilkos then.


Those two look like the ones that end in spikes whereas @pinkybrain’s look like the ones that end in sort of fat circles or hexagons.

Which I think is down to whether they run off 240V or 12V but I don’t really recall.

@pinkybrain I just meant really that any big supermarket should have those bulbs where you pick up fresh lightbulbs.



Anyway yeah looks like this type


not @bluto’s spiked type


candles are cheap


are they having a fire sale?