What type of music fan are you?

I seem to be all of these

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Actually, I hate shuffle.

Used to hate shuffle but started using recently just from my own library rather than from streaming and it’s great. Also intelligent shuffle where e.g. if you play something ambient it will carry on playing only ambient stuff.


used to enjoy shuffle just as a little game, see how quickly i can recognise things. but that was when my music library was all in one place

now it’s split between Bandcamp, Apple Music and some local files on my phone because i can’t be bothered buying another SD card just to have it corrupt on me when i fill it past a certain point

2+5 - monthly playlists entirely of new releases.


number 6. pure vibes maaaan.

(a bit of number 5 sometimes/for some artists I guess)


Excatly the same for me.

The majority of my listening is to albums in their entirey, so never really use shuffle, and only use playlists for a music league I’m in and for my kids.


I don’t think I’m one of any of these things. I mostly listen to full albums, but often will shuffle. I love listening to new releases but often fall back on loved albums of yesteryear.

I very doubt that anyone in the world falls comfortably into a single one of these categories.


6 I guess

3 + 5

I pick an album and listen to the full album. Doesnt seem to be covered.




a Chandler


Possibly #5 and #6, I love going through the new album releases on a Friday but once I’ve done that I will often listen dependent on what I’m in the mood for.

I often have homework though and that will mean I’m listening to acts I might see at a festival or forthcoming gig in preparation. From about February onwards that can take a lot of time.

Not unusual for me to do more “homework” and do a deep dive on a band that I don’t know much about that people might be talking about here or a friend might recommend.

I never ever use shuffle.


2,4 and 5
Sometimes 3
Never 1 or 6

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edit: this

I think I’m just 1 and 6 really

  1. Yeah
  2. Don’t really make / listen to playlists
  3. Huge library but I don’t normally shuffle it
  4. See 2
  5. I’m a big music fan but increasingly slow to listen to new releases. They’re on my radar but I like to wait till I have an ideal time to listen to like a new album, which increasingly can mean I give it a few weeks or months or sutin
  6. Hell yeah, the mood is crucial
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#7 researching for Music League rounds and listening to Music League round playlists

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If a song has a tight grip around you like the tentacles of a needy octopus, you should just give in to the tentacles.

  1. Not me at all
  2. I make quarterly playlists of things that catch my ear, new or old
  3. Do this a lot more often than I used to, when I can’t decide or want to pick up on something I haven’t listened to in a while.
  4. Not really, at least not the way this is implying. Replace “playlists” with “albums” and we’re onto something, something missing from this graphic
  5. Only for favorite artists
  6. Pretty often I suppose, I guess this can be for albums