What type of music fan are you?

Somewhere between 3 and 6.

I like to curate big lists of albums that I can either listen to on shuffle or as whole albums depending on mood.

None really. Just listen to whatever and never on shuffle and very rarely a playlist.

1. Repeat listens to single tracks are infrequent to rare. I move on pretty quickly.

2. I use last fm, don’t think I’ve bothered making a monthly playlist in over a decade.

3. I have a huge library. I do not use shuffle.

4. I have a pathological need to discover new music so nah, old favourites are great but I require novelty.

5. Yeah, I get kind of testy if I can’t hear stuff on release day.

6. Is this not basically everyone but the shufflers?

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Over the past few years I have developed The System which works for me but typed out seems a) a bit joyless and b) a lot of work.

  1. 3 termly playlists (spring/summer/autumn) from which all tasty sounding recommendations (90% from the new releases thread) get chucked as albums mostly.

  2. On my way in to work (about 45 min drive, perfect for normal LP length) listen to a new release. Any that strike me as being especially good/promising get chucked on the longlist for that year playlist

  3. Towards the end of the year, using the longlist playlist, whittle down the top 64 records of the year. Tournament style listen-off between then which generates the AOTY and the runners up.

  4. Of the top records, depending on budget, availability etc etc buy the top 20 or so on vinyl.

  5. When listening to my records, these days, I’ll pick my favourite song and add it to my All Timers playlist. This currently has about 12 hours of music on.

  6. If I’m out and about, run out of new releases, or just fancy it I’ll stick my all timers playlist on.

Works for me :slight_smile:


Thinking I’m more something like…

Mon: #2 - Make ‘weekly’ playlist
Tue: #1 - Find ear worm so listen to same or hand full of Songs
Wed: #NA - Get so sick of Tuesdays song(s) that I decide on podcasts instead
Thur: #3 - Feel guilty so turn on shuffle to find something new
Fri: #5 - Find nothing so listen to new releases
Sat: #4 - Decide that live music is better so listen to comfort tracks before heading out
Sun: #6 - Wake up with a bad hangover so music based on mood

Nothing wrong with a good system - I have one of my own which is more retentive than yours; like you I agree it seems joyless when written down and no awards for cool but with the infinite choice of music out there it helps with choice paralysis and I get ample joy when listening anyway so who cares? Its also possibly not a coincidence that I have two sons diagnosed with ASD (albeit vastly different in manifestation) and have probably got some traces of that going on myself judging by my love of lists and need for structure and routine (within which one can go off on tangents).

My system which I don’t normally admit to:

Mon - Thu when working - new releases and older stuff I’m yet to listen to that have made it from the longlist to the shortlist so to speak. I’ll then give a more focussed listen when not working.
Fri - new release longlist and in the afternoon/evening my playlists and other peoples’
Weekend/Holidays - dig out vinyl and cds of my fave lps of yesteryear and this year (quite shoegaze, indie-rock, post-punk etc until the sunday switch to jazz/reggae/electronica/ambient/gospel etc)

Also have Best of the year and best discoveries of the year lists and playlists on the go which get tweaked. My faves of which get bought on vinyl or cd.

And finally I listen at times to Unclassified on Radio 3 and Gid Coe and Steve Lamacqs roundtable on 6 music

From the above the only thing I don’t tend to do is listen by mood although subconsciously of course it will affect the records I choose to put on at the weekend. If I am feeling particularly low for example I’ll reach for the Codeine (records) etc - but i won’t stick on a streaming platform curated playlist called blue monday or sunday chill etc


You make the candles to hold up at gigs during the ballads?

Edit, come on @scagden I’m expecting at least a pity like for this.

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Going for a laboured pun with the word tallow but ran out of enthusiasm for the project.

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