what type of telly do you have

i have a Panasonic TX-L42ET61B paired with a Panasonic Soundbar.

42 inch 3D TV with 1080p. I cannot get the 3D to work as I have no 3D content and the glasses are shite.


What you got?


hardly knew her


this thread is going to go the way of 3DTVs - have a huge comeback!

Hitachi 50 Inch 50HK25T74U Smart 4K UHD HDR LED Freeview TV

Had it for two years and its already fucked (horizontal lines):

50 inch JVC with Amazon fire or whatever. It’s pretty good. Got the 32" version too for upstairs.

An LG. Size is… idk. It’s fine.

I think this or an earlier version, Philips 43PUS7956/12 43" 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV. Do not use 4k, however I’m a big fan of the ambilight feature ‘intelligent LEDs around three sides of the TV project coloured light onto your walls, and reacts to what’s on the screen for even more atmosphere.’


Mine is absolutely massive, I didn’t wnat one this big but i’m used to it now.

Don’t know anything about TVs. I actually don’t even know how to watch normal TV on it, just use it for netflix and the like

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yeah i dont get that either anymore


Samsung in the front (think it’s about 55 inch). Samsung in the back (about 65 inch)

We’ve got an old one off my in-laws, it’s just about the right size to fit in the alcove in our lounge so that’s nice! It’s quite good, definitely better than our old one which we got for absolutely pennies years ago and now lives in the bedroom (where no one ever watches it)

we’ve got a really old Sony 32"

it’s fine


Do you own a soundbar?

  • Yes
  • No, but I’d like to
  • No and I don’t care

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Should have got a soundbar when we had the tele put in the wall last year. Massive error.

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Got my TV connected to the hifi.


I got one with the TV which, I should point out, was a hand me down from a friend who sequestered it frkmt heir own parents. It is a big upgrade over the last one we had. And the soundbar is genuinely incredible.

What’s the hifi connected to?

We have a

Samsung UE43AU7100 (2021) HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 43 inch with TVPlus, Black

seems fine. Took me a bit to find out how to turn off that dreadful smoothing thing that makes all films look like pure shit.

It also has two remotes and I don’t really like either.

The ‘simple’ one is too simple and the normal one hasn’t made the cross-button arrow keys bit distinct enough under your fingers so I keep mishitting.