What u lunchin' hun?

i’ve got mac and cheese with pulled pork and then a pecan pie with clotted cream for afterwards :ok_hand: :100:

I really fancy a big thick soup with a warm baguette.

Think im gonna grab tofu katsu from wasabi :yum:

i’ve never had anything from wasabi. considering how much i like wasabi, this is probably weird, right? am i missing out?



you’re not wrong.

just my work cafe smashing it out of the park once again. the cake choice was between pecan pie; a chocolate, caramel, honeycomb and orange tart; and lemon drizzle :exploding_head:

niki, this is obscene!! I AM SO JEALOUS.

Cant speak to anything else really but that curry is gooood. Theo agrees.

Want to go to me regular Thursday food market (home of arepas) but it’s bloody freezing out and I didn’t layer up today. Might get a soup and sandwich combo from Pret.


chick ledge?

Swiss burger. Might make a thread actually

I wish we had a good chippy round here that was open at lunch. Could smash down some fish n chips rn.

instant noodles and some broccoli and tofu so it feels like a proper meal.

got some rolls, got some tuna.

tuna rolls


Muffin with cheese, tomato and houmous.

Half bag of crisps.

Bit misery but there we go

can’t believe the maccy d’s near me shut a few months back

looking forward to @aboynamedgoo 's contribution to this thread

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Choose for me please DiS.

  • Make fish finger sandwiches
  • Buy something from McDonalds
  • Try a Double Down burger.

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You have until 1pm

Absolute misery roast beef and mustard sandwich, Tunnocks caramel wafer, and a Granny Smith apple I’ve left in the kitchen because they’re literally inedible.