what u subscribing to

  • Beauty Products
  • Newspapers
  • Gym
  • Online Dating
  • Education
  • Supplements
  • Other
  • None of the above but I might
  • None of the above and I won’t
  • All of the above

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This thread has made me remember I have a golf ball subscription

Reckon i might be the worst person on this website


what kind of golf balls are they nice

  • Golf Balls
  • Underwear
  • None of the above but I might
  • None of the above and I won’t
  • All of the above

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It’s a golf ball

Some geek in Carlow college designed them

They come in fully recyclable packaging, i am reprieved

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Reckon a Johnny subscription would be a good idea.

One per year please! Extra small


Nothing beats VPR season 1! I’m gonna ditch the new series and rewatch from the start for the 100th time

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Use an atd’s netflix, just swapped spotify for tidal the other day. Think there’s an old amazon account knocking around somewhere but not used for an age.

I get toothpaste tablets delivered. I actually don’t use them anymore, I’ve gone back to normal toothpaste, but I can’t be arsed cancelling the subscription.


If anyone wants 480 toothpaste tablets let me know.


Have a Family Amazon Prime account, my flatmate has Netflix, mates have Disney+ (and Shudder, I think), dad is getting AppleTV at some point. All that and I still can’t watch Chernobyl.

Beyond TV entertainment, I subscribe to Electronic Sound magazine, currently spending £3 on Last.fm pro (but will likely drop that and pick it up again when I need to) and I pay £10/month for the privilege of using Photoshop.

Not playing any MMOs atm so no money on those (though I’m considering trying the free trial of Final Fantasy XIV.

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Used to get dishwasher tablets and washing machine tablets from Smol but game up because the adverts were irritating and also because I couldn’t figure out the childlock on the packets and had to pull them apart like a chimp


Instead of the full paywall thing newspapers should charge 25p to read an article like popbitch do

  • Agree
  • Disagree

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Drag Racer US is no longer gonna broadcast on Netflix so I’m gonna have to get Wow Presents Plus :weary:

Keep considering signing up to Local Leisure Centre so I can go swimming.

But you have to pay for the gym as well (which I have less than zero interest in) and can only go swimming for about two hours in the day because schools and etc.

Got a really expensive subscription to some bozo I’ve never met to have a place to live


I heavily subscribe to marxist economic analysis.

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Popbitch have just seitched to a sub model but that period when they did those 4 parts for a few years and it was pay as you read up to about 30p per week was really good.