What UK cities are good to live in?



Good to live in = some combination of: not too expensive to rent in + good transport links (both internal and external. external = TO LONDON) + stuff to do + good pubs + situated somewhere between London and Glasgow + has some non-shit graduate-level jobs?

Thinking like Leeds and Manchester, but are they actually good to live in? What about like Sheffield and Liverpool or anywhere else you can recommend/not recommend?

Just wondering.






I was going to say Cardiff (I live there and it fulfills most of your criteria) but it’s not between Glasgow and London. I know next to nothing about Leeds, but Manchester is probably your best bet I suspect. I prefer Liverpool personally in terms of where I’d want to live in that area, but Manchester is better for jobs.



Leeds seems amazing from my limited experience. Easy enough for London, very good culture, great bars/beer scene. Sheffield sounds great, as does Liverpool, but only going off of other people’s experience.

Southsea is cheaper than most areas commutable to London in 1hrs30mins. Good art and creative scene, great pubs and restaurants, good connections to Brighton, London and further afield.


In Belfast we have cheap rent and punishment kneecapings :slight_smile:


I think Manchester’s pretty decent place to live. I’ve lived here all my life so I don’t really know what I’m comparing it to.

I’ve always managed without a car too. Transport is good, depending on your tolerance level for public transport you might want to live walking distance to a Metrolink or railway station (I can’t stand buses).

Like anywhere there are good a bad areas of the city, naturally the places that nicer tend to be more expensive. I lived in the City Centre on a pretty average wage just fine.

There are loads of pubs.


I’ve tried London and Cardiff and thoroughly enjoyed both, so seeing as you’re asking for somewhere not London I’m going to go with CDF.


Another vote for (Davidoff Cool) Cardiff, though on your criteria I’d actually say Nottingham is nicer than you’d expect, though I don’t know much about the jobs market.


Glasgow, Cardiff and Nottingham are the places with actual things happening sometimes where you can afford to live
London and Manchester if you’re feeling flush


Southsea is good :+1:


Recently moved from Chichester (ish) to Winchester. Southsea absolutely blows Winchester and Chichester out of the water. Hard to put a finger on Southsea, but it’s edgy and there’s a lot morehappening compared with other local places


is southsea an actual town or just a geographical region encompassing portsmouth?


Dunno, what do you thinl?

Southsea residents are very quick to say that they’re from southsea and not Portsmouth. There seems to be a distinct boundary between the two. I’d err on the side of southsea being sepetate, but I’ve never been local enough to decide. @petagno


Come live in Sheffield you fucking melt


I was going to say Sheffield. I’d love to live there.


It’s glasgow, I like Manchester too, but it’s not quite the same. (You can still get to London fairly easy from here)


none of them, sorry


Brighton is excellent though it’s quite expensive rent etc