What video game have you bought the most times?

I think I must have bought Resident Evil 4 the most times on different formats and digital HD upgrades. I also have bought Ocarina Of Time at least 4 times, the 2nd time being buying when I already had it as it was new and sealed (N64 version) from Woolworths for £9:99 circa year 2000. I wish I resisted the temptation to open it as it goes for a small fortune in mint unopened condition on eBay these days.
What game have you purchased the most times and why?

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Sonic the Hedgehog (various ports)

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Bishi bashi special. Bought it for a good few mates over the years too :grinning:


I know a guy who does great copies of the Football Manager franchise games, so if anyone ever wants one of them just inbox me rather than paying full wack.


I’d rather pay for it properly and keep @anon5266188 in a job.

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Rollercoaster Tycoon 2. 3times in CD because I kept on breaking or losing them and once on steam.


Oddworld Abes Exodus is probably my most gifted game

Resi 4 on ps2, cube, Xbox 1 and probably will get on Ps4 now I sold the Xbox

Thps3 a ton of times

GTA vice city loads over the years

Burnout paradise I must be on my 4th copy of

Sim City 4

Bought the PC version. Gave that to Brusma when I got a Mac and bought the Mac version. Mac eventually died, couldn’t afford a new one and got a PC, ended up picking it up in a Steam sale. Not sure I’ve actually played it but it’s nice to know it’s there I guess?

Silent Hill 2 x 2
Silent Hill 2: Director’s Cut
Silent Hill HD Collection (inc. Silent Hill 2)

actually think i bought HD collection twice :man_facepalming:

PM me, bro.


Can anyone else smell bacon?

Oh yeah. Got this on ps2 Xbox and PS3

Classic tho


yes, I definitely smell a pork product of some type

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Final Fantasy VII. One copy second hand where there was a glitch that meant the Chocobo breeding didn’t work, a second that I never finished but played quite a bit (not sure what happened to that one) and then a download when I got a PS3.

I remember buying FFVII at least four times on PS1, I was forever exchanging games, but I always ended up wanting to play it again.

Since then I’ve bought it on mobile and also the PS4. I’m a chump.

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Spotted my original ps1 copy in the roof space when I was putting the christmas stuff away yesterday :blush:

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Sonic 2 probably. Twice on Mega Drive, once on Xbox, once on Xbox 360, once on iOS and once on Android.

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Love Sonic 2 so much, one of the only mega drive games you can properly finish in one afternoon


Yeah tbh there’s probably tons that count here as I used to go into town every weekend to trade games as a kid and I’d often want stuff back