What Volume Is The Inside Of Your Mouth (WVITIOYM)

Meant to post this the other day and forgot about it, but here it is in my drafts!

what is it? A hot new game sweeping the nation! Players compete to show they have the most voluminous mouth

who can play? Almost anyone! All you need is a glass, some water, a measuring jug and a mouth.

but how do I play? Simple, dummy! Just fill your mouth up with water, as full as it’ll go (do not swallow) and then transfer the contents of your mouth into a measuring jug. Simply report back the amount of water in the jug!

how did you do? Thank you for asking! I scored 98ml. Not my best effort, not my worst.



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Fucking love this mate


Looking forward to knowing your score

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I am excited about playing this game!


Will do this when I get home tonight. I’ve got a massive head so I reckon I’ve got a good chance on scoring well in this.

I will do this later.

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Video entries encouraged

Be bad if anyone accidentally drowns themselves doing this


^cock in hand

Now you’re talking

I played with my Girtner the other day so can’t post that video because I respect anonymity but I’ll have another go later

I’ve got an FAQ and I can’t find the FAQ section, so I’ll post it here instead:

what if you only have one measuring jug and that’s in the fridge, full of the blended remains of onions, peppers, spices and beer that you slow roasted a lamb leg in, the other day?


I saw this video the other day and it amused me.

It’d be really bad I agree.

Trying to fill your mouth with loads of water is quite unpleasant and I found myself swallowing by accident quite often.

Look, this thread is gonna be filled with innuendo, ok? Grow up.


Does your mouth need to be closed in order for the submission to be valid?

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A fantastic question. I think probably yes. There has to be a very distinct transfer from glass to measure for fairness, no dribbling it in

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It is not, but be rest assured he pointed the similarities out to me already

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Hi! A great question! I would suggest either getting another jug or consuming the current contents of the jug

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