What Volume Is The Inside Of Your Mouth (WVITIOYM)

no idea what this is.

Sounds like a Euros Childs song or something

:o bam! listen!

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this is nice and relaxing for a Saturday morning :slight_smile:

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if you have time to kick back dude i’d love to recommend this to you

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Re oral volume: looks like mine just increased by a few cubic millimetres…

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98ml, I thought my mouth was bigger than that, very disappointed

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You, me and @Scott_Chegg are mouth triplets!!

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three mouth triplets. i’m just watching.

i’m so sorry


remembered this before

A* 10/10 gold medal thread

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Can’t be bothered to check if anyone else said this but it’s 11. The volume in my mouth goes up to 11.

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Love this game it is the best game

Volume increased once again yesterday…

(Jesus - that looks fuckin grim :nauseated_face:)

Yes. Yes it does :frowning:


Don’t worry, i had at no point forgotten this thread. Every week, it seems i consider taking an extreme measurement of my mouth but the time has not been right. That said recent photos and content have made me feel both that I should wait and also uneasy.

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trying to imagine what it would feel like to have a small mouth

awful i bet

sometimes I think having a big mouth is all I’ve got

it’s not.

but also congrats on having a big mouth :slight_smile:

I wonder, one year on, if my mouth is any bigger now? Let’s find out later!


I would bet £100 that this measuring jug of potential delicious stock ended up left in the fridge to go manky and had be thrown down the toilet.