What was that band (pretty sure it was a side project) who were kinda math-rock but with loads of good choruses and guitar solos


had two albums. first one was brill, can’t remember their name.


dont think forward russia were a side project though


Fang Island maybe?


That’s the pricks. Cheers!


Never heard of them





Very heavily recommend you listen to the guitarist’s earlier outfit Daughters because they fucking RULE


PS this record’s only about ten minutes long so just do it


I cannot fucking wait to hear this. Cracking a beer right now.


Really enjoyed that. Grindcore on Skittles.


Daughters are mint. Hell Songs is worth a blare too


Might just crack on to that later. Good hustle DiS!


best description of a sound since jimitheexploder called grime “fucking Eastenders on ice”