What was that drink called?

It was a fizzy, possibly tropical fruit flavour drink, sold in cans and made by a British manufacturer (possibly Badger or Panda). Kind of like a fizzy Oasis.

Oh, just remembered: it was called Rio


You’ve been merked mate, innit

She’s had her own adenoids out

‘Was’? Still is mate. It’s my sunny day drink of choice. Pretty amazing if you stick some Malibu in it. Might get one in a bit actually.

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could be Quatro. could be Lilt.

Ah, I’d not seen it for years! Maybe I’d not looked hard enough. I associate it with pre-alcohol days of cycle rides and school cricket, so I’m not sure if I’m ready to adulterate it with Malibu. Sounds good though.

there’s a can of that in my fridge right now (not mine)

Rio: the totally tropical taste

It’s like Rubicon, the only places that stock it are chip shops and kebab shops.