What was the best night of your life?

I was listening to good old Mark Kozelek sing ‘I Know it’s pathetic but that was the best night of my life’ and I couldn’t actually pinpoint a night where I thought ‘you know what this is the best time I’ve ever had’

Can u remember one?

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Ordered a pizza once and the wrong one showed up. When I called to complain, they sent out the right one, let me keep the wrong one, AND gave me a refund.

Can’t see me topping that for the rest of my life tbh.


Might have killed the thread with this, sorry, it’s going to be a tough one to follow.


Standing on japesy’s porch he told me that he’d wait forever. And when he held my hand I knew that it was now or never.


Not at all, i can say the best night last year was but wouldnt say it was the best night ever

watching saps and japes from the bushes


Age of Adz gig is up there.

The trouble with having been such a party enthusiast and all the chemicals that go with it is I’ve had so many amazing nights that I just don’t really remember. But generally jusy have no recall even from sober nights.

I always think really fondly of a summer night with an ex and his mum, sat out in the garden eating dinner until it went dark then coming in around 11pm and having a lush bath that had been run for me. Wasn’t anything wild or in an exotic setting but just a lovely lovely night.

In conclusion Idk.


Radiohead at Old Trafford Cricket Ground in the summer of '08. Beautiful summer evening for an open air gig at the absolute height of my love for them with a bunch of equally obsessed buddies. First time I saw them live and it was just perfect. Can’t imagine having a better night really.


I was going to put this down as mine!


I know it’s a cliche to say my wedding but it was a joyful one-off - all my friends, all my family, great food, tonnes of booze, banging music, ended up in an awesome hotel room. What more do you want?

None wedding edition, I remember two particularly lovely nights at university, one when I got there for term a day or so early, along with a few of my mates, we just went to one of their rooms to drink and just had the best time, honestly never laughed so much, was anything particularly special about it, we just hung out and messed around but it’s always stood out to me as just this perfect evening.

Second one was my last week at uni, a bunch of rented two punts overrnight and took them up the river, had a barbecue in the meadows, it was perfect summer weather, really felt like the end of an era but with all my best mates and loads of possibilities ahead of us, I remember looking at the sunset and just thinking “I wish every night could be like this”.


sure your wife will be delighted at this summary of events :smiley:

She’s my best friend m8

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(Aside from Jeff)


Absolute state of that setlist

Lucky was my favourite song in the world at that time and so that being played as a third encore was just too good


I saw Radiohead at the Newcastle arena. They were pretty good!

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wanker answer:

mountains of hakone, Japan, in a private hot spring, with my other half. It had already been the best holiday I’d ever had, and this just felt like living some kind of dream life where everything was absolutely perfect.

non-wanker answer:

hahaha no there isn’t one, it’s just the wanker answer.



on the bathroom floor