What was the best night of your life?

probably one of the nights of the first Leeds Fest I went to for the weekend (2007)

just such a fun weekend, no cares in the world

The penultimate night of Benicassim 2010 was also a huge one. I’d gone off to the festival by myself, pitched up my tent to this huge group. They realised I was solo and over the course of the week they basically adopted me. By this night I fully felt like part of the group and it was the first time I’d really felt any social acceptance. Then the music was amazing. Ellie Goulding played the main stage as a last minute replacement before she’d ever taken off and she killed, Foals’s set was a thing of beauty, I got to be front row for Klaxons who were my favourite band at the time and then Dizzee Rascal headlined with the most perfect bunch of party bangers to close the night. Such an amazing experience. Really wish I’d done Beni again at some point.


Benicassim one year is definitely my top 3. Whatever year Ladytron were on, 2008 maybe, we met such a GBOLs and it was the first time I took ecstasy

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A hot dog I bought at the side of the road at benicassim is up there with my best memories

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clues in the name :wink:

I was at 2008 benicassim. we had some poppers there and though we were well cool.

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this might be up there with my best ever moments tbh - finally getting all our stuff set up, completely knackered and barely able to stand, trudging to the festival site and watching this with my best m8s.

Saw no one clap Paul Weller at benicasim, that was pretty good


This question makes me realise both how incredibly lucky I am and how terrible my memory is.
I can’t pick one night. I can’t pick ten tbh.

Radiohead at Glastonbury 2003, aged 19.
They were (still are) my favourite band - first time I’d seen them. They were only part of a life-blastingly astounding night.


Had pizza and a cuddle a few times too, that is well up there. Don’t understand why couples do anything when they could eat pizza and cuddle

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Remember that night when the general election didn’t go as bad as thought and everyone posted pictures of their drinks, that was good


That was no 1997. Do you remember where you were when Portillo fell?


a happier time


One of the nicest nights of my life without all of the hell of teenage youth was actually last year. It was my best friend’s wedding which she had in the middle of nowhere with tents in fields. A lot of our old school friends came including the first love of my life, who had since got married, we had lost touch etc etc.

He and I had a short fling when we were about 17/18- he was a musical prodigy and I think I truly loved him. But circumstances meant that things ended badly, and we hadn’t really talked in about ten years. After copious amounts of the booze at this wedding, after sitting round an open fire, at about 2am me and him went back to his van, and just sat for about five hours until sunrise chatting shit and listening to bands we used to love and new music we could share with each other.

It was just so lovely to put something to bed properly, and know that while we were now both adults with very different lifepaths, that we could still shoot the breeze and have a laugh.


This thread is really giving me the festival bug now, gah

this was a lovely read

30th birthday. went with a bunch of friends to see Adem play in Newcastle. St. Patrick’s Day also, and it snowed.

we stopped at one of our friend’s places and drank nice booze and ate daal in cups before the gig.

the gig was at The Cumberland Arms, which is a brilliant folky pub. there were people playing Irish folk tunes in corners. I messaged the girl I was into at the time because there were rapper dancing awards on the walls and she does that, and she sent me a lovely birthday message.

mug x3 and icwar were also there and me and my pals had a drink with them before the gig.

Adem wished me happy birthday before playing ‘These Are Your Friends’. after we headed to another pub (and further on to a club) in the snowy night, Adem came out of The Cumberland Arms to give me a nice selection box of biscuits from his rider as a present.

we all got very drunk and danced and it was magic. I had not had a proper social life since I left uni and was just feeling myself emerge from my crippling social anxiety for the first time.


“That was the best night of my life”
“I’ve done that loads of times, m8”

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Yeah, a kid who came up through our team has been winning full caps and has been the GB U21s top scorer for the past couple of years, too. There’ll be a couple more following in the pipeline over the next few years as well, I think.

It’s kind of weird to think that they used to listen to me as if I knew what I was talking about!