What was the best night of your life?

going through all the candidates, most of them have an ‘off’ moment at some point. honestly think i’m going to have to say the first night i made out with my ex :eyes:

everything by chance aligned perfectly for us to share a room (our mates had booked a bunch of Travelodge rooms and sleeping arrangements were random). i didn’t think he was actually interested in me - i thought he was asexual - but after 12 pints in the day i tested the water with a long hug and he didn’t pull away for aaaages so i thought “HMMMMM let’s see what happens then” and went in for the kiss and was just amazed he kissed me back.

neither of us knew the other had feels and so it was this delightful thing of slowly coming around to realise that, yes, unexpectedly, he liked me back and him realising that yes, unexpectedly, I proper liked him and it wasn’t just the alcohol. we had this really lovely evening of just making out more or less non-stop for 7 hours with giddy exuberance and smiling loads and forgetting about everyone else. also suddenly had all these exciting ideas for teasing him that i had never previously thought of.

then at 11am one of our mates came in to tidy so we had to pretend nothing had happened but also wanted to make out more, so kept giving reasons why this guy had to go back to the room he’d slept in, then eventually i pretended me and my ex had to go to the other room to check on someone, so as soon as we got into the corridor i did this sneaky thing where we ended up making out again and he pinned me against the wall of the corridor and it was just so EXCITING :heart_eyes:

thank u Milton Keynes Travelodge xxx


:joy: Ffs

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I had that at Glastonbury 94. Spent all weekend in a portable toilet shitting.


There was one night I was home alone, and I ended up clicking around pointless old threads on DiS and before I knew it, it was half past eleven and I should have gone to bed an hour beforehand, but I’d wasted a load of time and accomplished nothing. Magical.


when i went to Reading aged 17, i went to Tesco on the first day and purchased some food supplies and a crate of lager. I paid without thinking and the realised that they’d charged me for two crates instead of one. I pointed this out to the cashier and had to go to customer service. They gave me a refund FOR BOTH crates. So I got a free crate of lager, and managed to not get caught out as being under aged despite having to deal with both cashier and the person on customer service. Felt like an absolute boss.

checks out

certain days during football tournaments are right up there for me, as is my 30th birthday this year, which was on a saturday and i had about 60 friends and family in a pub. i paid for all the (very nice) food so it wasn’t cheap but it was bloody brilliant having everyone there.


Lovely lovely sleuthing

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i played a gig in the cumberland arms about 10 years ago where a guy spent our entire set on the floor “dancing” like this…



how long was the set? that’s some endurance test…

think it was about 25-30mins, his mates kept apologising to us afterwards but it was probably the best thing about the gig :smiley:

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Oh god, England’s 2nd round victory against Columbia last year is right up there. Watched it in my local with about thirty of my mates and we were all just losing our shit. Booze went every, we almost got thrown out but nobody cared. Plus the weather had been so fucking nice, we had Bristol’s version of Notting Hill Carnival and Pride was just around the corner. That entire summer had this ethereal quality to it like we were all living in this fantasy dream together just hoping we didn’t wake up. Best summer of my life for sure.