What was the best record released in 2004?

Amazing album.
Follow up LP is very good too imo

Funeral seemed like the best at the time but in retrospect was just a load of droney moaning. Like a lot of the white guy guitar bands from this era they sent a lot of people on a misdirected lifetime’s quest chasing more and more droney white guy bands, shame.

Madvillainy was great. Idk tho I didnt listen to all the albums that year. Just Googled a load of my fave albums from that time and looks like they were all 2005. Shrug

Agree with your general point about moany guitar bands but I disagree about applying it to Funeral (although if fits the bill with a lot of later arcade fire stuff). Songs like ‘Wake up’ and ‘Tunnels’ are exuberant and full of energy: don’t find them moany/droney at all.


TV On The Radio - Desperate Youth, Bloody Thirsty Babes (my fav of theirs)
Comets On Fire - Blue Cathedral
Mark Lanegan Band - Bubblegum

Presses play on The Lost Riots


Been toooo long


It was

Thee More Shallows - More Deep Cuts

followed by
Detachment Kit - Off This Blood
Max Richter - Blue Notebooks
Blonde Redhead - Misery is a Butterfly
The Boats - Songs by the Sea
Pinback - Summer in Abbadon
Sufjan - Seven Swans
Hood - Oustsider Closer

My favourite year for releases this century:

  1. Arcade Fire - Funeral
  2. Walkmen - Bows and Arrows
  3. Sufjan Stevens - Seven Swans

That was what I chose in 2004 and I’d stick by it though there were loads of great releases that year

@sean can you do this again for 2005 next year please? Thoroughly enjoyed going back to some of these albums this week


I was considering doing 2009 in a few months time. So yes, I think as a way of trying to grapple a show into shape from all the music ever released, this parameter is helpful at focussing my mind and I’m glad you enjoyed it too.


I listened to Hopes & Fears a lot this past month, might be my favourite pop rock album of all time I think.

Mine is the exact same

I remember buying Funeral by Arcade Fire and You Fail Me by Converge on the same trip to HMV, 2004 was quite a gateway year for me


Been spinning some great records I’ve not listened to in ages thanks to this thead - thanks all.

Would anyone be interested in a 2005 listening club?

Could do one a week or so.


Yes! Not quite as many all time faves from memory as 2004 but I bet another thread like this would remind me of plenty


This thread has been great - so many records to check out and just a great way to review and revisit old favourites. Almost suggested doing this but going right back to I dunno '65 or something but maybe this has worked because mid-2000s hits a sweet spot for a lot of DiSers?


Id be interested in a series where people picked their 3 faves from each year starting in 65. Would be a great way to find new records I haven’t heard :slight_smile:


Definitely. I already feel ancient, expressing surprise that this is 15 fucking years old already will only make it worse! https://open.spotify.com/track/7LK7dQtymjmIBM8O7wSeTp?si=a1N-dP_7Shi4HATeEw7EeA

(It’s Robyn in case the link preview doesn’t work)

Looking forward to some 2005 nostalgia actually…

Absolutely!!! Great choices!!! :grin::grin::+1:t2:

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One of my favourite alt/indie rock albums came out in the year 2004. Kasabian’s self-titled debut album. Absolutely love it! Still listen to it a lot to this day!! :grin::notes::notes::headphones:

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