what was the first thing you ate this decade?

Leftover cold paneer then a bit of poppadum with aubergine pickle


Dunno, peanuts probs

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don’t know anything about pasties really

In answer to the question, I don’t know. Probably Bailey’s and a chocolate honeycomb bite.


My friends brother might have made that pasty. I was talking to him at Christmas and he says he makes the stuff that ends up in morrisons.

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Weirdly less ashamed of my 3am-ish post drink snacking to the later sober meals. Had carrots and houmous or something.

Then woke up on NYD and threw a pizza straight in the oven.

Same factory as all yer big name pasties isn’t it?

Shreddies/muesli mix

Went to bed at 10:15 on NYE…so whatever I had for breakfast on NYD, maybe a boiled egg idk.

anybody want to agree with me that pickled eggs are disgusting please?

not eggs onions

but eggs aren’t great anyway so I doubt a pickled one would help



my idea of hell I’m afraid, mushrooms AND eggs?!?

Bowl of rice krispies

All the more for me then!

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you can have every mushroom in the world as far as I’m concerned

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chicken nugget



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Chocolate muffin

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