What was the first ___ you attended

Film at the cinema:
Comedy show:
TV live screening:
Theatre show:

For me
Gig: futureheads (2007)
Film at the cinema: flintstones (1994)
Comedy show: bo burnham (2009 or 10 i think)
TV live screening: the des and mel show (2004 i think)
Theatre show: stomp (2006 i think)
Signing: george r r martin (2014)

None of these were my choice tbh except the book signing which took 2 hours, where i was sat next to people who formed a circle and got a ukelele out while i was trying to read. Didnt enjoy any of the ones i didnt choose except bo burnham who wasn’t bad at all

Gig: Terris. It was supposed to be a rotating headliner tour with Coldplay, but Coldplay didn’t play as one of them was ill. 1999/2000ish
Film at the cinema: the Jungle Book when I was a kid (not the original release - I’m not that old ). Mid-late 1980s
Comedy show: not sure, tbh. Maybe something at University? Obviously wasn’t particularly memorable.
TV live screening: Don’t think I’ve ever been to one.
Theatre show: probably a Shakespeare play on a school trip. Romeo and Juliet maybe? Mid- 1990s
Signing: Never been to one.

Edited for rough dates.


Gig: Muse at Earls Court Dec 2004

Film at the cinema: Aristocats (was supposed to be seeing Beethoven but it was sold out, probably why I dislike cats)

Comedy show: Lee Evans at Wembley Arena I think, a free ticket from somewhere

TV live screening: TRL in 2005 I think, rumours that Kanye was appearing, ended up being whoever was kicked off The X Factor that week

Theatre show: a Thunderbirds thing when I was a kid where the actors wore the vehicles on their heads

Signing: Don’t think I’ve ever been to a signing in and of itself


Gig - Wire (had no idea who they were I just wanted to go to the Leadmill)
Cinema - Dumbo
Comedy - Ben Elton for some reason, he was terrible obviously
Tv - some short lived panel thing presented by Jonathan Ross
Theatre - earliest I can recall was some am dram Pirates of Penzance because parents friend was in or something
Signing - Saint Etienne at Piccadilly Records

No idea on dates I’m afraid.

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Gig: Kasabian, Brighton Center, 2004
Film at the cinema: Something like snow white on a cross channel ferry, or Pocahontas in Port Solent
Comedy show: Bill Bailey Tinselworm tour, Brighton Center, 2007
TV live screening: n/a
Theatre show: some panto, otherwise n/a
Signing: n/a

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Sounds dark


Gig: Green Day and Iggy Pop Cardiff Castle, either 2002 or 03
Film at the cinema: Bambi re-run I believe (93 would have been because it prevented my sister seeing Jurassic Park, poor choice Ruffers)
Comedy show: Tim Minchin, no idea when, probably like 2005-6?
TV live screening: Probably a rugby match of some sort, mid 90s as a wee un.
Theatre show: King Lear 2007 I think
Signing: NA

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Easter showing iirc

Gig: Rolling Stones, 1994
Cinema: Can’t remember. Would have been in the mid to late 80s though
Comedy show: Alexei Sayle, 1995
TV screening: never been to one
Theatre: Would have been some panto or something again in the 80s
Signing: Shed Seven, 1996

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Gig: (with mum)Meatloaf - Kings Hall, Belfast 1993. (With mates) Blur - Waterfront Hall, Belfast 1999
Film at the cinema: Ghostbusters 2
Comedy show: Brendan Grace
TV live screening: none
Theatre show: Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Signing: (unofficial) Ireland World Cup ‘94 squad signed a pair of their used socks for me at their hotel in Belfast. (Official) Kings of Leon at Birmingham HMV getting their second album signed for my sister’s Christmas present that year.


I’ve never wanted anything of mine signed, by anyone, don’t get the appeal.


Do you still have them?

If it counts I went to the royal ballet as a wee lad to see some Beatrix Potter production

Gig; i went to a few festivals for rhe day with my parents but the first gig proper was Blood Brothers and Help She Can’t Swim
Film at the cinema: earliest memory is Toy Story
Comedy show: other than crappy open mixs or student ones maybe James Acaster?
Tv live screening: Jeremy Kyle Show. They edited footage so it made me look like i was laughing at an insult he did
Theatre: won tickets from WhSmith to aee Fantastic mr Fox live
Signing: Lou and Andy off Little Britain at an ASDA


Gig: Stiltskin at Virgin Megastore in Reading, March 1995

Film at the cinema: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Comedy show: not sure, I think it was a show at Sub89 including a ventriloquist dude

TV live screening: hmmm, not really sure I’ve been to one, I guess that The Smile gig was sort of one

Theatre show: does starlight express count? If so that, in high Wycombe in 1996ish. Actual play would probably have been one at the Old Vic in Bristol sometime around 2003

Signing: either that Stiltskin show - I’ve got a signed poster somewhere, or maybe a Touring Car race at Silverstone sometime in the 90s


No but I also got a World Cup 94 official football signed by the entire squad somehow which I still have. Can’t remember if my dad won it in a raffle or what. Might have been worth something but I used it for a kickabout on tarmac once.

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Gig: Oasis at Pairc Ui Chaoimh, Cork, 1996

Can’t remember any others. Oldest film I can remember seeing is Jurassic Park but that would have been a baptism of pure fire so it probably wasn’t.

  • Gig: The Prodigy, Glasgow SECC, 1997
  • Film at the cinema: (without parents) Aladdin, 1992
  • Comedy show: Stewart Lee, 2004 or 2005
  • TV live screening: Countdown (as a contestant), 2012
  • Theatre show: Vernon God Little at Citizen’s Theatre Glasgow, 2004
  • Signing: Bret Easton Ellis (Reading and signing Lunar Park, at Oran Mor in Glasgow, 2005)
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Gig: (with my mum) Lighthouse Family, Plymouth Pavilions 1998.
(With friends) Stereophonics, same venue and year.
Film at the cinema: Beauty & The Beast, some cinema in Brighton, 1991
Comedy show: Harry Hill in Plymouth, 98 or 99.
TV live screening: Do you mean live taping? Deal Or No Deal, Bristol, around 2006.
Theatre show: Button Moon Live, Theatre Royal Plymouth, probably around 1989.
Signing: Went to a Plymouth Argyle open day thing in 1995 if that counts. Got a photo of me with Neil Warnock and Pilgrim Pete saved my penalty the big foam prick.


Gig: Busted (McFly as support), Broadstairs 2004

Film at the cinema: dunno. I think I got taken to the Lion King as an infant? Think the earliest film i specifically remember seeing at the cinema was A Bugs Life

Comedy show: some random comedy showcase in Sevenoaks in April 2009. there was a guy who may or may not have been Jack Whitehall. I only remember that I tormented a guy who was besotted with me during the interval by quoting a bit of Poker Face at him. (We later dated for nearly a year and I have feasted on the anecdotes for over a decade now)

TV live screening: never been to a live screening. TV filming in general - Countdown @ Granada Studios, special episode between the last two series winners. Went to support s65 winner (one of my besties), was my first time meeting his opponent (who won and who I’d thought was fit on TV), we spent the whole night negging each other as a form of flirting and he propositioned me and I thought he was joking so said no. We ended up dating for 6 months and he was my first love and I was totally obsessed with him but he absolutely ruined my life and he’s awful and I hate him (but I’d still do the relationship again) x

Theatre show: no idea, do pantomimes count? probably local pantos. I remember seeing Chicago as a school trip in 2004. Not sure why we went

Signing: Graham Coxon at Rough Trade East in 2012