What was the last app you installed on your phone?


“actually I think smartphones are detrimental to…” bores can do one.

For me it’s Jaipur, which is a digital implementation of a board game I haven’t played and probably won’t like. But it was on sale.


Google cardboard vr app for those headsets guardian were giving away the other week, haven’t used it


I installed the GAME app (as in the computer game shop) yesterday as I have run out of monthly data and I was looking for wifi to connect to and ended up going down a rabbit hole of connecting to their store wifi->being directed to a sign in page->then redirected to download their app->then being asked to complete a short surv… ah fuck this. Haven’t deleted the app yet.


The (now free) Microsoft Word app for Android as I needed to view a document on my work email while on the train station.

I hope this thread is everything you wished for and more.


Oh this is the classic.


Thank you, Theodred.


The Amazon app. Thrilling.


A Sky app so I could remotely sort out my technology phobic Dad’s TV issues. Got Sky and BT Sport on my tablet for free as a result though.


mobile link for zwift, so i can connect bluetooth devices through my phone

(it’s a bike thing)






yes hun?


Barclays Traveller app as I was on holibobs last week and wanted to use the airport lounge…


The Pundit Sports app.

Allows me to provide rambling commentary to fellow saddos on Hendon matches. Had 13 listeners at the end of Monday evenings’s proceedings.


“Miles & More”, an app to manage my Lufthansa customer loyalty account.
Received 500 free miles for the effort, obviously.


Afterlight, an image editing app. Half of my apps are of this sort




IKEA app. Because 40p off tea/coffee is my Jam.


Wuntu. Got a free pizza through it yesterday.


Because we wuntu