What was the last autobiography you read

and was it any good?




Leonard Feather’s.


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me too!
reading Nelson Mandela’s now. both great blokes

I heard they met once at a charity do


Fever Pitch

it was ok

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I think Springsteen’s. Incredibly good if you like his schtick, probably unbearable if you don’t.


The Sleevenote book by the bassist in Hey Colossus was outstanding the free book by the bloke in Saint Etienne that came with it wasn’t as good.


Post works without the first full stop


Jack Duckworth’s


I’m in the middle of Jeff Tweedy’s


Sinead O’Connor

It was pretty good, I finished it in a day though so I’d recommend waiting for the paperback.

Crying in H-Mart. Fantastic throughout, but especially the 3 page description of the first time she made kimchi.


Louise Wener out of Sleeper. Not a Sleeper fan but it was a really good read.

Demi Moore’s. I liked it!

read some of che guevara’s diaries

yeah they’re good, he’s a good writer, didn’t realise how few people went in with fidel, seems mad that it worked.

if that doesn’t count I read rik mayall’s earlier this year, although that was probably mostly made up. it’s very funny. keeps saying stuff like “I walked to the fridge like a light entertainment cruise missile” or “prowled to the bathroom like a big cat on the hunt” keeps going on about how much he hates gerhard schroeder. the chapter about the andrex adverts is longer than the ones about bottom or the young ones

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The Sexual Life of Catherine M. It was oddly unsexy given the amount of orgies involved, surprisingly.

Otherwise don’t really read them.

Thought this was Jade Goody’s ex at first


Thomas Dolby - The Speed of Sound
Oliver Postgate - Seeing Things

Both incredibly interesting and entertaining and covering a ton of ground

Thomas Dolby’s covers being at high-school with Shane McGowan and others, becoming a sought after studio musician, becoming a massive pop star, playing Live Aid with Bowie …and basically leaving all that behind to start a tech company in Silicon Valley and pioneer mobile music tech, having his house destroyed in a big LA quake and then moving back to the UK

Oliver Postgate’s starts off with him as a goofy shy little kid trying to get attention by doing magic tricks to his parents social circle - basically all early Labour MPs and socialist intellectuals and philosophers - and moves all the way through his hand built animations and story writing with Peter Firmin; Ivor the Engine, Clangers, Bagpuss etc

The final chapters are mainly about his family trying to cope with his wife’s deteriorating mental health issues.

It’s a book so well written, beautiful, honest & full of love that I’d recommend it to anyone

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Viv Albertine. Yes, very.