What was the last 'GREAT/SEMINAL/ETC' album


you know, something that will be looked back on in say 30/40/50 years and still be held in the same regard.

I don’t have the answer, but I’m pretty sure nothing in the last 25 years would fall into this category. happy to be proven wrong, though

go ahead


To Pimp A Butterfly


was waiting for this one to drop in…and here it is




The Strokes - Is This It. It was definitely important then for kick starting the indie-rock revival, although its impact has dulled since then

I’d also argue Dizzee Rascal - Boy In Da Corner for giving UK rap a great big kick up the bum, although I don’t think its impact was as worldwide an impact as ITI.


In last 25 years? Well sorry to go radiothread but OK Computer definitely and arguably Kid A and later In Rainbows too.

Elsewhere untrue by Burial was pretty important




Only one album springs to mind and it’s this one.


Nails it on the first post, too


you reckon we’ll still all be fawning over this album in 20 years? I’m not sure.

genuine Q btw - interested in your opinion man





There are quite a lot. Maybe not in a Srg Peppers/Dark Side of the moon sort of way (as in huge hits at the time that loads of older people blinded be nostalgia fawn over it like it was the best thing ever)

But maybe like Loveless a moderate hit at the time but seen as a masterwork of its style. Sure most people on the street will not tell you that Loveless was the best album of all time but for many music fans and critics its seen as up there


I mean that Madvillain album is seen as a stone cold classic by many



Joanna Newsom - Ys



for punk/hardcore fans, maybe david comes to life?


Hidden world is much better imo but sure I’m up for any FU conversation