What was the last lie you told?


And did you get away with it? Could be tiny, could be a whopper.

Mine was that it’s my birthday today, to the man in Tesco who asked if it was my birthday today when I was buying a bunch of doughnuts etc for the office. My birthday was actually on Sunday but I couldn’t be bothered explaining that.

I’m pretty sure I got away with it.


H B B E!


I can’t live a lie.


The B was for belated…


I had a job interview at 10:30 this morning.


So it was actually at 11 or what?


I thought it was a typo.


Said yes when my boss asked if i thought his plan for this project is a good idea



(just trading a bit of tit for tat in terrible jokes)


Said that Blaze and the Monster Machines wasn’t on.


in the last 24 hours i’ve lied/fibbed to the following people:
the tv
my nephews
my sister in law
my mum
my dad
pretty much all the staff
and an ATD

and yeah, but they were decent wee lies/fibs, nothing malicious/dodgy


I don’t believe you.


Alright, patrick bateman!!!



Genuinely can’t remember

Not sure if this is because

  • I very rarely lie

  • I lie so often I’m not even aware I’m doing it


wipes hot cross bun crumbs from lips


I had to rack my brains for mine for the same reasons.


I think I might have said “it’s fine” when my housemate said like ignore the mess in the kitchen

It wasn’t fine.


How aggro did you sound out of 10?


I said it in a very chirpy way that would make you think i was actually fine with it