What was the last mean thing you did?


fess up in here.

got an uber the other night, and the driver asked what i’d been up to and i went on a bit of a #busybrag about hoowwwww longggg myyyy dayyyy haddd beeeennnnnn and his response was ‘don’t worry my friend, jesus is looking out for you’ and it caught me totally off-guard and just burst out laughing. felt bad about it.

this thread could go either way, KEEP IT LIGHT


Threw the shirt I was holding over my gf’s head when she tried to hug me this morning, then ran away. No reason, just thought it’d be funny, and tbf I was right.

Frankly she’s etc to etc etc


I’ve been very frugal with my ‘likes’ on here.


my wee nephew asked me for some water and without him noticing i filled the glass with fizzy water, he hates it and made a scene, how i laughed.


I’m not self-aware enough to know when I do something mean.



Commented “These are actually bad and you shouldn’t feel proud IMO” on a photo my Sister put on Facebook of some tutus she has made.


think I’m quite mean to my new friend Darren. kid keeps coming back for more, but I reckon I’m gonna lay off him for a bit


Or last night, when I secretly cranked the passenger heated seat up to bum-searing levels. That was good.


any examples, chief?


you’re basically trading with them aren’t you?


You seem weirdly proud of abusing your girlfriend.


I’ve been mean about the lady in work who has tried to get me in trouble, I’ve called her an evil wee troll. I’m not sure I even mean it, I think maybe I’m just redirecting any negative stuff on her.


Wrote a song about My Vitriol that they will most likely hear.


Did the whole ‘I love you… in a way’ thing this morning when saying goodbye to my wife. Should really stop doing that, imagine if some terrible accident befell me and those were the last words I said to her.


telling him to shut the fuck up when he’s high and talking bollocks.everyone else is thinking this, but for some reason, I feel i have to be the spokesperson for everyone and lap up sly laughs as a result

telling him to shut the fuck up about the access course he’s currently on.

calling him a tight cunt for avoiding ‘rounds’ or trying to dodge taxi fares.

other stuff

tbf - I called him the other day and he talked for about 45 minutes about how hard his life was. I thought I’d test him by just listening and wondering whether he’d ask anything about what’s going on in my life. he didn’t



We all need something to hang our hat on.


Had a go at my wife for opening a tin of beans when there was already one open… in such a pathetic whiny way that I felt pretty bad about myself after.


had a go at my mate the other week when he opened a bag of spinach with wild abandon. we weren’t using all the spinach and the way he opened it meant I had to find another container to keep the rest of the spinach FRESH


i should have realised this would turn into another ‘ways you annoy your partner’ thread. ahm oot.