What was the last thing that you lost?

Have no idea where my copy of Pretzel Logic is :frowning:

A shit load of sleep


you gained something better though :slight_smile:

My rag

I’d quite like that sleep tbh


I’ll see if I have any going spare

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A bag of weed about 2 months ago

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that must have been painful

I’ve lost a pack of guitar strings and for ages they were near the window but now I can’t find them. Maybe that high e doesn’t matter though. I think we did a poll once.


hehe lil woody toodelly

always makes me smile

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All hope :+1:

there’s always hope x

A KOM on gravel. I’ll get it back, you can count on that

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My joie de vivre

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Not losing anything for 20 years is good going

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You need to have a system. Wallet front left pocket, etc

Glasses. Had an old pair to see me through though

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