What was the last thing you squeezed?

just squeezed an avocado. it wasn’t ripe.

a baby

My bladder muscles.

i’m more of a bruise poker than squeezer

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various bruises

My boobs. I think.


A young man’s thigh, as I got off the bus this morning on the way to work. (My boyfriend and I often travel together, me getting off first.)

Into our shitty new work lift that takes about 15 years to go up/down six floors and a further 12 years to open the doors leading to an inevitable build up of people waiting for it


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good answer

follow up question: what is the minimum number of floors you would consider using this particular lift for?

a tiny little splinter out of my finger (and a tiny little bit of pus)

it was both gross AND satisfying

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my budget!!!

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I’m on the sixth floor, I think if it were the fourth I would bin off the lift

a teabag, moments ago

thank you.

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It’s really nice weather out today

honey onto my porridge this morning

TV’s boob

yeah it’s quite warm

Some oranges and lemons for making amaretto sours

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